City’s latest smoke-free bar result of one woman’s vision

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Robyn Huggins sees smoke-free bars as the wave of the future for North Dakota.

Robyn Huggins cast an eye to the future.

What she saw was a growing trend for smoke-free bars in North Dakota, so she thought she'd give it a try.

She and her friend, Ray Belford remodeled the former Office Bar on Highway 20, completely gutted it and re-opened it with smoke-free air.

The work basically took all summer  and the new business took off under her ownership.

“The response has been great and we have been really busy,” the 53-year-old former social services worker says.

“Employees and customers can go home not smelling like smoke. We have an area in back of the building for those who do smoke.”

Razor's Edge is basically one of the first bars in Devils Lake to go smoke free, from the start. The Ranch and KC?Hall are also smoke-free bars in the community.

Robyn says she thinks smoke-free bars are the way of the future.

“It's going to come up in the Legislature in February,” she smiles. “The employees like it, the clientel like it.”

Robyn put her idea to work this summer and set the stage for her new facility.

She admits to being nervous and wasn't sure just how successful it might be.

But her nervousness lessens each day.

“Everything I hear around town is positive,” Robyn adds. “We think it's the way of the future in Devils Lake.”