Local dancers perform at Minnesota Twins pre-game show

Staff reports
Devils Lake performers included (left to right): Kelsey Papachek, Caitlynne Nygaard, Brianna Holtz, Kaitlyn Papachek and Kali Beck.

The Devils Lake Just For Kix Program recently had five dancers performing at the Minnesota Twins Baseball Pre-Game Show on August 15.  

More than 200 dancers from the seven-state area took part in the clinic and performance.  

Dancers arrived at the Metro-dome in Minneapolis in the morning and learned a routine from Cindy Clough, JFK Owner and Executive Director, along with JFK Program Directors. Participating dancers ranged from third graders through high school seniors.

Devils Lake Director, Erin Lacina, was one of the instructors for the day.

After the day-long dance clinic they performed a prop routine at the pre-game show to a medley of 50’s tunes. Their faces were even included on the big screen in the Metro dome.

This may be the last JFK performance at the Twins since it is their last baseball season in an indoor setting.

This was the 12th such event for Just For Kix.

The Devils Lake students and Lacina have been traveling to the Twins event each year for nine years.