Athletic trainers host off-season training program at Devils Lake High School

Staff reports

Athletic trainers host off-season training program at Devils Lake High School

By Drew Lange

Journal Staff Writer

Bigger, stronger, faster. Those three words are what all coaches hope their players can improve on during the offseason.  Now those expectations are more likely to happen with the help of Cory Schuh and Jake Thompson.

The two athletic trainers who work at Mercy Hospital teamed up this summer to create an off-season program that involved athletes from multiple sports from Devils Lake High School. There were 115 athletes who signed up ranging from eighth grade to freshmen in college. 

It was held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

“We had the idea last year, and this year it just fell into place. Jake helped out and the coaches followed,” said Cory Schuh.

“In previous years I had three groups of kids doing an acceleration program, and a group of parents had expressed interest into expanding it to other kids. When Cory joined Mercy Hospital we decided to start it up and approach the high school about it,” said Jake Thompson about the start of the program.

Along with improving the athletes’ skills and abilities, Thompson and Schuh were able to improve the high school weight room as well. They were able to raise $29,500 for new equipment including pull-up bars, bumper plates, medicine balls, benches, boxes and bars for cleans, front squats and jerks.

The summer-long program focused on the basics of weight lifting. “Because it was so new to everyone, we did a lot of work on technique,” said Thompson.

“It was about getting used to the workout, adding strength and make them faster and stronger,” said Schuh.

 For those who are interested in participating in the program next year, Thompson says the best people to ask are the kids.

“They were the ones who participated in it. I haven’t gotten a bad comment from anyone. Sure they will complain while they are doing it, because it’s not easy. But when everything is said and done, they like the results.”