Lake Region Curling Club needs YOUR help!

Louise Oleson
DLJ editor
This photo, from years gone by, shows five of its six sheets in play at the Lake Region Curling Club in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

The Lake Region Curling Club has a long and interesting history in Devils Lake.

Current club president, Dale Robbins says originally it was built as the dream of a number of doctors serving in the area who were originally from Canada. They missed their beloved sport of curling, so they raised the funds to build the Curling Club. Through the years improvements have been made to the building, the front portion of the present clubhouse was added on, providing a lobby, seating for spectators and eventually an area with a grill for cooking concessions. All this has been done through the work of volunteers.

Now they have a big problem that needs to be addressed, the plant that makes the ice is on its last legs. Robbins says they have fixed it up several times over the years and it has come to the point where they have to replace the whole thing. “The Beast” as Robbin says it’s called, is located in the basement of the building. The new plant will be relocated to the main floor providing more accessibility and ease to servicing, but all that costs money. The club has been saving for an emergency just like this and has some cash in reserve but not nearly enough for the new plant.

If you ever curled you should be getting a letter in the mail soon from the Lake Region Curling Club asking for your help at whatever level you can afford to give. You don’t have to be a former curler to help, however. Many throughout the community have enjoyed watching the sport and remember past years when the Lake Region Curling Club hosted the Junior Nationals, filling the town’s motels and restaurants with youth and their families from around the nation.

Retired Devils Lake physician Dr. R. McBane, himself a former curler, recalls a time 40 years ago when the club used their 100 x 150 foot building to store grain for farmers during the off season in order to pay off debt.

This year the club has seen their numbers rise, adding more than 20 new members. Then COVID-19 hit and the year-end bonspiel had to be canceled. Their goal is to install a new plant and insulate the building to make it more energy efficient so they can have longer seasons and recruit even more new members.

A number of grants have been applied for and donations from local businesses, curlers and past curlers have helped but they still need to raise $75,000.

How can you help? They are asking for donations in several levels of giving: Platinum Sponsors would be for $5,000 and up. A Diamond Sponsor would be $1,000 to $4,999. Gold Sponsors are $500 - $999. Silver Sponsors are $250 - $499. They will welcome all amounts of donations and recognize each level of giving on a plaque displayed at the Lake Region Curling Club for all to see.

If you have any questions, you can reach a board member through telephone or e-mail: Board Members Dale Robbins, President, 701-351-0796 or Ned Sampson, VP, 701-739-3865 or Jeff Kitchens, Treasurer, 701-351-1724 or Layton White, Secretary, 701-381-9704 or Kade Sveen 701-331-2428 or Ty Johnson 501-381-5412 Kevin Vistad 701-739-4247 or