A unique graduation for a unique class in a unique year

Louise Oleson, DLJ editor
Grad banners line the streets and avenues of the historic downtown Devils Lake just in time for the Graduation Parade May 24.

 The high school year of 2019 – 2020 is gradually coming to an end in its own unique way thanks to several factors, including a world-wide pandemic COVID-19.

At Monday’s school board meeting, Devils Lake High School Principal Ryan Hanson presented a unique and creative plan for Graduation 2020. It will take place on Sunday, May 24 beginning at 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the DLHS campus. Each graduate will be in a vehicle, in order alphabetically, in graduation regalia (bedecked in robes, mortar boards, stoles and cords.)

Hopefully each vehicle will be decorated and driven so that the graduate can enjoy the ride and admiration from the crowds lining the streets of Devils Lake.

The class colors are Red and White while their flower is the Yellow Wildflower. Class motto is “Miles may separate us, but memories will always bind us.” Use that information however you see fit, Hanson says.

A parade! It’s a parade beginning at DLHS at 2:10 p.m. merging onto College Drive south to Jerome Wholesale, then east to 5th Ave. They will pass the pool and head to the business district of downtown. While there they plan to drive up and down 4th Street and 4th Avenue in both directions. This way all students can see all the banners from both sides. Hanson hopes that the community will line the streets of the route (social distancing, of course) and let the graduates know how much the community loves them! It is his hope that businesses along the way will decorate a window, put up signs, wave, yell - whatever it may be to honor the class and to be part of the festivities on that special day.

Parade route •5th Ave. going south turn east onto 6th St. •6th St. going east turn south onto 6th Ave. •6th Ave. going south turn west onto 4th St. •4th St. going west turn north onto 2nd Ave. •2nd Ave. going north turn east onto 6th St. •6th St. going east turn south onto 4th Ave. •4th Ave. going south turn west onto Railroad Ave. •Railroad Ave. going west turn east onto 4th St. •4th St. going east turn south onto 6th Ave. •6th Ave. going south turn west onto Railroad Ave. •4th Ave. going north turn west onto 6th St. •6th St. going west turn north onto College Drive. Stay on College Drive going north until exiting at NDTC to the west. Follow the road from past NDTC building turn south around the college between LACTC and the bus barn continuing around to the south until entering the DLHS parking lot heading east between the Burdick and LACTC.

Receiving Line There they will create a receiving line by the main doors of DLHS. After receiving diploma, park back in original spot until the conclusion of the ceremony. Speakers will include a welcome from Superintendent Scott Privratsky, the Senior Class President, a closing and Principal Hanson. There will not be extra musical numbers, drummers or speakers. All the graduation speaking will be on the radio and Facebook Live stream.

Drive through, the plan for diplomas is to have the student pick up their own diploma and the student turns their own tassel.

Hanson ended his presentation thanking everyone for their support during this unusual year.