Parks and Recreation hope to have summer activities phased in

Chris Harris, Devils Lake Journal
From the ND Parks and Recreation: Opening May 9 with limited services.

It has been quiet times for Devils Lake Park and Recreation. With COVID-19 shutting down the entire country, the park board had to also put a cease to its spring activity schedule.

“It’s been very slow,” said Terry Wallace, Superintendent of Parks and Recreation. “I mean we’re not getting hardly anyone coming into the office. I think people are just waiting to see what’s going on. “It’s been different of course but we’re still trying to figure out what activities that we’ll be able to run this summer,” Wallace continued. “Everything that should be going right now is cancelled but we are hoping to start up our summer programs later this month.”

There have been a number of canceled programs, such as Junior Chefs, a two session program for 6 thru 12-year-olds that introduces children to cooking, and Arts and Crafts both of which were to be held at Central Middle School but the coronavirus prevents the usage of the building.

Other activities such as youth baseball, which is still in the air, and adult softball have had their registrations on hold.

One activity that has been moving along has been golf. Creel Bay Golf Course opened two weeks ago, first without the usage of the clubhouse due to COVID-19. Golfers were able to tee off, with a new 15 minute lag time between each tee time to prevent clustering at holes.

However, once Governor Doug Burgum’s ND Smart Restart went into effect this past Friday, (May 1) Creel Bay’s clubhouse reopened and tee times were back to their 10 minute launch times. And despite only one person being allowed to be in a cart to assure social distancing, Wallace said golfing has been booming.

“Most people knew we were open. We’ve been communicating that out pretty well,” Wallace said. “We’ve actually been pretty busy basically. Our tee times have been completely booked on the nice days we’ve had.” And despite many of the outdoor facilities — such as Ruger Park — lacking activities for the time being, Wallace said that his crew is still working.

“Our Maintenance guys have been working to get the parks ready like they normally would, including getting the pool cleaned up and painted. We’re hoping to open that the first of June. We don’t know exactly what the limitations on that is but we do plan on opening the pool. We do plan on having swimming lessons.” Continued Wallace, “We’re going into this time planning on having most things but knowing that there will be a few things, possibly, that will be cut back or even canceled.”

For more information, contact the Devils Lake Park Board at 662-8243.