Highlights from the Stump Lake Threshing Bee 2019

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
The Senger Band featuring Rick Senger, Jacque Senger and Randy Kraft closed out the 2019 Stump Lake Threshing Bee inspiring one volunteer at the event to remark, “They saved the best music for the end!”

The Stump Lake Threshing Bee started Sunday, Sept. 1 and continued Monday, Sept. 2.

Some of the highlights from the first day of the festival included the International Harvester tractors on parade, warm lefse from the griddle and live music performances on the Wamduska Stage.

This year’s first day attendance was tremendous, with sunny weather to boost everyone’s spirits.

Day two, however, was plagued with rain keeping attendance low and those who were there dashing from building to building between downpours. Organizers cancelled the parade and tractor pull on Monday because of the weather, too.