Ice fishing tournament results

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
A new crew will be taking over the majority of the responsibility of the tournament for 2019, but Jim Moe, Tee Kurtz and Parry Garske say they will still be around to help out as much as they are needed. Toren Mohs, T.J. Kurtz, Cory Meyer and Eric Samuelson are ready to go!

Over 5,000 anglers spent a chilly two and a half hours ice fishing on Six Mile Bay Saturday afternoon in the Devils Lake Volunteer Fire Department’s Ice Fishing tournament.

This year was the 34th year and a whopping $325,000 in prizes were given out for those angling and purchasing raffle tickets.

Fire Chief Jim Moe says the tournament made more than $130,000 for the city’s fire department, which will go to help purchase a new heavy-duty custom made rescue vehicle, already ordered.

For all the results from the raffle drawing, see today's print edition of the Devils Lake Journal.