The Lake Region State College Playmakers Theatre Troop presents the classic Greek Tragedy Medea by Euripides.

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Witch giving prologue.

Medea (Angelica Rodriguez) is the princess of Colchis, and granddaughter of the sun.

After saving the life of Jason (Skylar Bergstad) and assisting him in his quest to obtain the Golden Fleece, Medea, runs away to Corinth to marry Jason and bears him two sons. However, her happiness does not last long. Jason, whose personal ambition outweighs his love for his family, takes the chance to marry the daughter of King Creon (Robert Ditmars).

This new marriage will send Medea and her children into banishment. Medea, however, has other plans; and we all know, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. This tale of revenge and ambition is the lesser known aftermath of the story of Jason and the Argonauts.

With gods and witches, it is a perfect show to get you in the Halloween spirit. The script has been updated by the director and the cast. The production also stars Kaitlyn Hillebrand, Heather Brown, Marcella Scheuring, Jason Colvin, Taylor Solinger Gaines, Macie Kraft, Sydney Dennis, Kaitlyn Halvorson, Nikara Nelson, and Emily Madgett.

Performances run Thursday through Sunday October 12-15. Oct 12, 13, and 14 at 7:30 and Sunday Oct 15 at 2. Special talk back with the director on Thursday after the show. This production will be reviewed by the Kennedy Center’s American College Theatre Festival and two actors will be nominated by the respondent to compete in the Irene Ryan Scholarship Acting Competition at the festival in Des Moines, Iowa in January.