DLHS Homecoming 2017 right around the corner

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Devils Lake Journal
Marit Wang

Enthusiasm is building for Devils Lake High School’s Homecoming 2017 which begins Monday.

Already this week, there are posters everywhere promoting the various events that go along with the whole week’s celebration, Monday through Friday, culminating in the events planned for Saturday, Oct. 14.

Senior at DLHS Marit Wang is vice president of the Student Council and she was glad to explain the special features of this year’s Homecoming.


Monday, Oct. 9 is Adjective Day. Students, faculty and staff will all be dressing up the way you describe things: Words like beautiful, energetic, skinny, clever, furry, artistic, heroic, rich and silly encircle the poster explaining what they mean by “adjective day.”

Wang says she is going to use the adjective “American” for her costume on Monday, complete with a red, white and blue wig and maybe face paint, too.

She encourages everyone to participate, “The more people get into it, the more fun it is,” she said.

The Queen candidates are Lynsey Rorher, Julie Hagen and Marit Wang. King candidates are Jagger Miller, Craig Peterson and Parker Karlstad.

Prince and Princess from the Freshmen class have already been selected; Gabe Houle and Anna Richards. They will officially be recognized at coronation when the results of voting will be revealed and the King and Queen crowned.

Monday evening is the Girls Powderpuff Game in Roller Field starting at 7 p.m. which is open to the public, free admission and concessions will be sold. Following the game will be the bonfire in the Sports Complex, this is only open to students.


Tuesday, Oct. 10 is Cartoon Day where everyone will dress up as their favorite cartoon. Wang says she and her best friend are using Dr. Seuss for their inspiration.

On Tuesday, following the Firebirds volleyball game, which starts at 7 p.m. in the DLHS Sports Center, will be the Coronation and DLHS royalty will be revealed.


Wednesday, Oct. 11 is Time Machine Day. Whether you want to go forward in time or back in time, your costume should reflect your trip to the future or the past. Wang says she is going back in time, ‘way back, to caveman days.

No other activities are planned for Wednesday.


Thursday, Oct. 12 is Career Day. Sudents are encouraged to dress up as if they were going to work at their future job. Wang was not sure how she was going to dress for this day although she says she wants to pursue a career in veterinary science beyond graduation.

No other Homecoming activities are planned for Thursday.


Friday, Oct. 13 is Class Color Day where each class is encouraged to dress in one of the Firebirds colors; freshmen will be in yellow, sophomores in red, juniors in white and seniors in black.

A Pep Rally is planned for Friday afternoon starting at 1 p.m.


Saturday, Oct. 14 the Homecoming Parade begins at Ruger Park at 10 a.m. DLHS Principal Ryan Hanson is in charge of staging the parade and he says that in the last couple of years he has seen enthusiasm and participation in the parade really increase.

The Homecoming Game is at 3 p.m. in Roller Field with the Firebirds taking on Jamestown.

The Homecoming Dance will be held in the Sports Center starting at 9 p.m. and ending at midnight.

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