Devils Lake gardens have expanded: It’s not too late to plant

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
On Friday evening, May 20 Elli O’Carroll worked on her plot in the Devils Lake Gardens.

Devils Lake Gardens has been expanded again and there remain approximately 40 plots to be spoken for.

Helen Carlson from the Devils Lake City Offices manages this program and she says it is quite a generous gift from the city to its residents.

They have created the plots, provided water for each individual user and all you have to do is stop in, talk to Carlson and sign up.

There is a $30 refundable fee up front, but if you maintain your plot well and in the fall remove the vines and debris, you get the $30 back - so it really costs you nothing.

There are no restrictions on what you can grow in the plot but they do ask if you use insecticides, pesticides and/or weed killers, you make sure that it doesn’t drift to neighboring plots because many like to garden organically, not using chemicals.

The gardens began maybe 10 years ago, Carlson wasn’t quite certain of the year, either 2006 or 2008. Originally there were 90 plots, now 56 were added to the east of the original. Of those 146 plots most of the original plots are spoken for. If you treat your plot well, you have first dibs on it the next year and so on.

If you abandon your plot and leave it in a mess in the fall, you lose your deposit and the right to garden at Devils Lake Gardens.

The plots are “first-come-first-served” so stop in soon and get signed up.