Red Flag Warning!

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Near critical fire weather today.

Near critical fire weather will impact many parts of North Dakota today as winds gust up to 45 mph in many parts of the state.

Please remember to check the NDResponse website at for more information on burn ban restrictions, the daily Fire Danger Rating map, and fire safety.

State Forester Thomas Claeys said, “With this year’s spring wildfire season coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and emergency response, the North Dakota Forest Service and state agencies are working to reduce additional risks and stressors on an already taxed emergency response network. We ask residents to consider the safety of all North Dakotans. Preventing wildfire helps limit the number of emergency responses which keeps first responders focused on critical public services.” Agricultural Crop Burning Information Agricultural crop burning is an effective method for clearing fields but requires prudent planning. Before proceeding with an agricultural burn, familiarize yourself on the conditions and safety requirements that are required to comply with the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality’s open burn laws by visiting their website at

Here are a few more steps you can take to make sure your agricultural burn is in compliance with state law:

Check the Weather You are not permitted to open burn during burn bans or red flag warnings. Keep an eye out for a change in weather conditions.

Know What You Can’t Do No public nuisances can be created as a result of an open burn. No occupied buildings can be impacted by air contaminants resulting from burning. No traffic hazards can be created. Agricultural burns must always be attended and supervised.

Contact Local Authorities Contact your local fire and police department to make them aware of your burn in case they receive smoke reports from residents.