Volunteers are heart of Kiwanis Community Thanksgiving

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Just look at all those pies! These young volunteers helped deliver meals on Thanksgiving day for the Kiwanis Community Thanksgiving dinner. A record 200 meals were delivered this year to homes around the community! Thanks to ALL the volunteers who helped!

Another successful Kiwanis Community Thanksgiving Dinner provided over 300 people with a home-made turkey dinner and all the fixings, including homemade pies of every kind imaginable on Thursday, Nov. 28.

At the center of this heart-warming event are the many volunteers from Kiwanis and others throughout the community who helped deliver meals to peoples’ homes, provided music for the in-house diners, prepared, packaged up and served the meal itself, decorated and kept the dining room ready for use and assisted with the huge task of cleaning up.

All under the direction of Shane Weinmann the man in charge!