Forward Devils Lake to go under scrutiny

Staff Writer
Devils Lake Journal
Rachel Lindstrom directs Forward Devils Lake.

Mayor Dick Johnson brought up Forward Devils Lake at Monday’s regularly scheduled meeting of the Devils Lake City Commission.

The mayor told the commission that he thought it was time to order a review of the program, directed by Rachel Lindstrom, and an evaluation of the city’s growth fund.

“Lots of money goes into the growth fund,” Johnson said, “and what’s the return on our investment?”

He also asked, “Are we targeting the right businesses? Perhaps we need to look at the strategic direction of the program.”

He called for a look back five years, or so, and suggested they utilize Tanya Weiler, Human Resources, who had done the evaluation of the Devils Lake Police Department earlier this year.

There were some questions from the commissioners regarding using an H.R. person to evaluate a program for its effectiveness, like Forward Devils Lake, but they did agree that a review might be a good idea.

Commissioner Ben Sanders said, “No question in my mind we need to take a look at this.” But he questioned the scope of the review and whether an H.R. person was the best to do this kind of evaluation.

He suggested that if they are going to have Weiler do the review, that the city have her talk to a wide range of business owners.

The commission was in agreement with that and in the end Johnson said, “We will see where we go with this.”