Tweet hired at Sheriff’s House Museum

Mike Bellmore, Features Editor
Jon Tweet

Jon Tweet has been hired to run the Old Sheriff’ House Museum this summer at 416 Sixth St. NE in Devils Lake.

The 29-year-old Twete is a 1999 graduate of Grand Forks Central High School and just picked up a liberal arts degree at Lake Region State College last month.

The facility opened last fall and seems to be a perfect fit for Tweet, considering he’s pursuing a history degree.

He plans to head to Valley City State in the fall.

“I saw a flyer at school this spring for the job and it seemed perfect for me,” says Tweet, who belongs to a local band, “Old Vern,” that is planning to release an album in the fall.

“I really like to learn about this area and about North Dakota, so this should be a great opportunity. There’s so much history around here.”

The museum contains a wealth of history, detailing all of the sheriffs of the past here. It was once attached to the former jail.

It also contains old artifacts, old school supplies, books, maps and even a room that is adorned  like an old-time school house, Tweet says.

“I’m looking forward to it,” adds Tweet, a former high school baseball player.  “It seems to be a perfect summer job for me.”

The facility opened last Monday and will run from Memorial Day to Labor Day.