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Delia Whiteman

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Delia “Dee” Allynn Whiteman, “Makoce Omani Wi” (Traveling Earth Woman) 32, of the Spirit Lake Nation, currently residing in Hot Springs, SD, passed away on Monday, March 14, 2022. The Wake and Prayer Service for Delia will be on Sunday, March 20, 2022 at the Tekakwitha Center, St. Michael ND beginning at 4:00 p.m. with a Prayer Service at 7:00 p.m. The procession to St. Michael will leave at 3:00 p.m. from City Plaza. Funeral services will be on Monday, March 21st at the Tekakwitha Center at10:00 a.m. with burial in the Owlboy Ranch Cemetery, rural St. Michael.

Delia was born October 27, 1989 in Bismarck, ND to Bonita Owlboy and Quentin Bruce Whiteman Jr. At a young age, Delia was very outgoing and wasn’t shy. During her younger years Delia would run around the “Mish” with her sister and cousins, having crazy, wild fun. When they would go to their grandparents, they would always be outside having fun from jumping on hay bales, making tree forts and playing cowboys and Indians. Delia and her sister always had to be the “damn” cowboys and their brother Gary and Elton would shoot them with arrows. During the winter, their grandpa would put the kids in the bucket of the tractor and drive around or hook up a sleigh to the horses, they would go sledding down the big hill or Auntie Chapa would hook a hood up to the back of her gray Dodge and “fly” them around. Delia was the youngest of the “aunties” who hung around with each other. As everyone got older, Delia, Gary and Melinda all lived together in the Pink House, and were very close. Gary was a father figure and made sure Delia and Melinda went to school, gave them money if they needed it. They had fun times living in the Pink House. Delia lived in Kansas and traveled to St. Louis, Colorado, and Illinois while living with her father or “pops” for a while. Dee was hanging with her cousin Ash McKay and met her love, the late David Keo and in 2007 they had their first son on April 19, Dequan “Quanchilla” Keo. In 2010 Delia meet Vance Thompson Jr. and in 2011 they had Dustin John Whiteman, who Delia called “My boy”. In 2015 when she moved into her apartment, Delia meet Courtney. Delia always said when she was a wild kid, running the streets of the “mish” that she had a crush on Courtney. Courtney said he remembered Delia riding around on her banana seat bike. Delia loved Courtney and they had their “princess” Diamond Rae Jackson. Delia loved her kids, especially her first princess Nalayna Tikanye and her aunties girl Nariyah Whiteman. Delia loved to help those in need or even the lone dogs in the “mish.” She wanted to save all the “mish” dogs and never asked for anything in return. Delia loved both of her parents. She had her own separate bond with each of them. Delia would be at the apartment wondering what her mom was doing or wanted to go see her or on one of her out of state adventures she would get her mom some rocks. They had their own bond because they both had the same birthday, October 27. Delia could never lie to her mom because she would always know. Delia and her father, “Pops” had their very own special bond. It was always a good time, and everyone had respect for dad in the “mish. There was always something going on and everyone had a good time. Delia loved her dad. Everyone would say Melinda looks like Delia and then Delia would say Melinda looks like Bonnie and Delia looks like Bruce. Delia’s sister Melinda always spoiled Delia and Gary; when she got her money, she would give them what they wanted without hesitation. Delia was never shy, and she would make friends easily. She was a very smart young lady, and she also got her GED in December 2010. Delia attended college at Little Hoop and went into Dakota Culture and she really enjoyed what she was doing. Delia liked to have a good time.

Delia, we love and miss you so much. Please say a prayer for my sister.

Delia’s survivors include: sons Dequan “Quanchilla” Keo, Dustin John Whiteman “My Boy”; daughter Diamond Rae Jackson “Princess”; mother Bonnie Owlboy; father Quentin Bruce Whiteman Jr.; grandmother Lillie Owlboy; grandpa Kenneth (Flo) Dunn; sisters Melinda Whiteman, Marie Owlboy, Deidre (Damon Leader Charge) Whiteman, Shanowa Whiteman; brothers Gary Owlboy, Yamni Whiteman, Quentin Bruce Whiteman III, Qwade Whiteman; nieces Esmarie, Rowena, Wokiksuya, Nalayna, Aundraya, Audaya, Lucille, LaVina, Nariyah, RaQuell, Aleisha Rose, Leilani; nephews Damon, Cazziah, Avery, Devon, Shawn, Riley, Quentin IV, Elmer Jr., Elmer IV; aunties Catalina (Terry Sr.) Herman, Cora Whiteman, Amelia Whiteman Hoffarth, Madonna Whiteman, Annette Pacheco, Carol Whiteman, Donna Whiteman Corbine, Winona Demery, Alfreda Dunn Charboneau, Alberta Dunn, Emerald (Matt) Robertson, Cheryl Belgarde, Leila “Chapa’ Owlboy, Lisa “Giz” Owlboy; uncles John Whiteman Sr., Milo Blaine Whitetail Sr., Cornelle (Agnes) Good Thunder, Calvin Dunn, Maynard Dunn, Tayron “Terry” Dunn, Maynard Demery, Willis Whiteman, Jr., Marlon Whiteman, Francis “Koska” Owlboy, Peter Owlboy Sr., Lorman Owlboy Sr., Lonnie Owlboy, Elton Demarce, Jr. Rue; and many cousins. Who shall help or guide Delia onto the other side: Delia’s “girl” best guy friend Ninyo; grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins: Francis Owlboy Sr., Donnie Belgarde, Bugs Thompson, Quentin Whiteman Sr., Emma Dunn, Carolyn Dunn (Willis Sr.) Whiteman, Vivian Dunn Spotted Horse, Dorothy Dunn Whitetail, Rita Dunn Whitetail, Angela Dunn Alberts, Shirley Belgarde, Beatrice Joramo, DeeDee Whitetail, Claudette and Byron Williams, Donna Whitetail, Monica Owlboy, Jami Rose Jetty, Harlen Snell, Emrolyn Whitetail, Rose Whitetail Sherman, Lenny Red Tomahawk, Derrick Red Tomahawk.

Casket bearers for Delia will be Dequan Keo, Avery Azure, Gary Owlboy, Bruce Whiteman III, Delano Mckay, Mitchell Owlboy, Ryan Herman Sr. , Chanze Herman, Jared Owlboy, Louie Blacklance Sr. and Lonnie Owlboy. Honorary Pallbearers are all of her dear cousins and Rob Hischase Jr., Cody Belgarde, Virginia Fassett, Tina Jackson, Savannah Touche, Leona Azure, Julie Morin, Waylon Red Tomahwak, Antone Eback, Son Littlewind, Kara Longie Family, Mandy Jerome, Reann Jerome, Fallon Littleghost, Camy Dubois, Samantha Hunt, Trinity Hunt, Nova and family, Dondra Lohnes, Denise Blackbird, Christian Greywater, Buster Fox, Bobbie Dunn, favorite Auntie Giz, Kyle Redfox, Jake Redfox, Dekendrick McKay, Lance Cavanaugh, Siouxmo, Terry Herman Jr. and all of her “mish” and apartment family and friends; Sorry if we forgot anyone during this difficult time.

Posted online on March 22, 2022

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