Firebirds win all but one match in 72-6 win over Grand Forks Red River.

Devils Lake Wrestling started its first duel of the year Tuesday, Nov. 26 at home, beating the Grand Forks Rough Riders 72-6. HC Brendan Flynn was not lying when he said his guys have a very serious approach early this season as they showed it in their first duel. The line-up bolstered a full 14 guys ready to go, starting at 113 lbs.

Ethan Sprenger (113 lbs.) opened up the duel with a crazy quick pin to set the tone for what quickly became a theme. Sprenger won by fall over Alyx Diggs in just 17 seconds.

Kaleb Schwandt (120 lbs.) was up next as he faced Camden Larsen. Schwandt's opponent was a little tougher to keep him on his back but Schwandt displayed a nice and controlled approach that ultimately led to him winning by Technical Fall (17-2). Technical Fall is where one beats his opponent by 15 points before the full six minute match is over, once up by 15 the match is over.

Peyton Horton (126 lbs.) and Brant Fisk (132 lbs.) were one after another and continued to push the lead even farther out of reach with two first period wins. The Firebirds were then on a roll being up 23-0.

The Rough Riders then through a fun matchup on the mat as Colton Young (145 lbs.) faced the Rough Rider's Kaden Rolloff. The opening two periods the two were going back to back scoring points off of each other and scrambling for control until Colton Young looked to get comfortable going into the third period. Young displayed numerous pinning combinations trying to put his opponent away but Rolloff had other plans. After a dominant third period by Young he beat Rolloff by Major Decision (14-6).

Brayden Gerhardt (145 lbs.), Tyrese Leaf (160 lbs.), Parker Vilandre (170 lbs.), Robby Seruumgard (195 lbs.) all joined their team to the scoring marathon putting all pins for the Firebirds on the board as they went up 57-0.

Jack Kuntz (285 lbs.) had the match of the night as he faced the Rough Riders Parker Nelson. Kuntz had a sizeable height difference but that didn't make it any easier as Nelson was ready to wrestle. Kuntz opened up the first period with a takedown but the control didn't last long as Nelson fought to get one back quickly. Period two Kuntz was getting confident and packing a couple points to make his lead a little bit more challenging to come back from. In the third period Nelson chose the bottom position which ultimately led to Kuntz winning as Kuntz controlled him the entire period not letting him score a single point. Kuntz won by Dec. 6-1.

Sam Shomento (138 lbs.), Colby Rance (182 lbs.) and Will Sprenger (106 lbs.) all had nobody to wrestle at their weights which led to 18 points against the Rough Riders.

HC Brendan Flynn loved the level of intensity they were wrestling at and is pushing for his team to continue that in their upcoming matches and duels. Devils Lake Wrestlings next matchup is Tuesday, Dec. 3 against Grand Forks Central and Wahpeton. Their next home duel is Thursday, Dec. 12 against Fargo North.

Team results: 

Devils Lake (DL) 72.0 Grand Forks Red River (GFRR) 6.0.

Individual results:

113: Ethan Sprenger (DL) over Alyx Diggs (GFRR) (Fall 0:17); 120: Kaleb Schwandt (DL) over Camden Larsen (GFRR) (TF 17-2 5:20); 126: Peyton Horton (DL) over Amir Dourudian (GFRR) (Fall 1:21); 132: Brant Fisk (DL) over Max McCarthy (GFRR) (Fall 1:29); 138: Sam Shomento (DL) over (GFRR) (For.); 145: Colton Young (DL) over Kaden Rolloff (GFRR) (MD 14-6); 152: Brayden Gerhardt (DL) over Kelly Middleton (GFRR) (Fall 2:50); 160: Tyrese Leaf (DL) over Jaden Fjestad (GFRR) (Fall 0:27); 170: Parker Vilandre (DL) over Zion Diggs (GFRR) (Fall 2:22); 182: Colby Rance (DL) over (GFRR) (For.); 195: Robby Serumgard (DL) over Mica Wright (GFRR) (Fall 0:25); 220: Colton Saxon-Peterka (GFRR) over Shane Felix (DL) (Fall 1:27); 285: Jack Kuntz (DL) over Parker Nelson (GFRR) (Dec 6-1); 106: William Sprenger (DL) over (GFRR) (For.).