Shirley A. Stensland “Beasley,” “Pejuta Yuhapi Winyan” (Carries the Medicine Woman), 53, of Oberon, ND began her journey to her Heavenly home on Friday, October 4, 2019, at Devils Lake, ND.

Shirley A. Stensland “Beasley,” “Pejuta Yuhapi Winyan” (Carries the Medicine Woman), 53, of Oberon, ND began her journey to her Heavenly home on Friday, October 4, 2019, at Devils Lake, ND. The Wake for Beasley will be on Friday, October 11 at the Glen Walking Eagle Wellness Center in Crow Hill, rural Fort Totten, ND beginning at 5 p.m. There will be Father Charles Leute to officiate and also a Rosary and Prayer Service at 7 p.m. The procession to the Wellness Center will leave at 4 p.m. on Friday from the Four Winds School. Funeral Services on Saturday, Oct. 12 at 10 a.m. will also be held at the Wellness Center with Pastor Brandon Wegener, Robbie Greywater and Reverend Paul Schuster officiating. Shirley will be laid to rest in St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery at St. Michael, ND. The wonderful life of Beasley. Shirley Anne was born on May 10, 1966, to Eunice (McKay) and Alexander Greywater Jr. in Devils Lake, ND. In her younger years she attended Little Flower School, St. Michael, later transferring to United Tribes Theodore Jamison School, Bismarck, ND in 1975 and then in 1976 returning back to Fort Totten and attended Fort Totten School from 1976 to 1981. On January 16, 1981, her first and only son, Marty, was born and she continued her schooling. Her first daughter, Kayla, was born on January 17, 1983, she still continued to go to school with the help of her Mom and sister Lisa. On May 17, 1986, her third daughter, Elisa was born. Beasley worked at Sioux Manufacturing Corporation and DTI over the years. There she met her soon to be husband, Faron. She was painting yellow lanes on the floor, when he kept walking by in his cowboy boots, trying to impress her. Soon after in 1987, they gave birth to their daughter, Crystal on May 31, 1987. One year and 18 days later they were married on June 18, 1988, in Devils Lake. She became a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. She started traveling on the road with Faron and their three girls. Then they had their next daughter, Jessica on January 16, 1989. A year later she had her last child, their last daughter, Wanda on April 2, 1990. She traveled many places with Faron. When her last baby started school, she decided to go back to work and started at Indian Health Services as a telephone operator until 2005. She was also employed at Fort Totten Recreation Center and Golden Eagle Wireless. She enjoyed being a cheerleading advisor at Four Winds High School, especially the two years they went to the State Class B Tournaments. She served on the Four Winds School Board. In 2007 she started employment at Sioux Manufacturing Corporation, then three years later in 2010, her medical issues started and she was forced to retire early. Beasley enjoyed spending time with her family, always laughing and joking around. She was a Four Winds Indians #1 fan. She traveled near and far for all the sporting events. Her favorite sport was basketball. She enjoyed watching all her nieces, nephews and her children. She always managed a way to follow and support all of her kids, no matter where or how much money she had. She always made it known she was there! She enjoyed spending time with her grandkids and children every Sunday while Faron cooked up a feast for all to enjoy and everyone would visit and catch up for the week. She was blessed to have watched all of her grandkids being born. She enjoyed watching TV, especially Court TV, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, the Cooking Channel and her all time favorite, the Game Show Network. Every Sunday, she also enjoyed watching her Viking’s play. When traveling with her grandson for appointments, she got to meet the Minnesota Vikings with her family. In 2014, Beasley’s medical conditions turned for the worse. In 2016 she shattered her ankle and was confined to a wheelchair. November of 2016 she started dialysis in Grand Forks. In May 2019 she finally got to transfer to Devils Lake Dialysis Center which made it a lot easier for her to be more active and easier on her body. She enjoyed traveling with her husband for many years in his semi. She brought all her daughters with them until they were in school. She enjoyed watching her daughters and grandkids teams play every summer. Her BFF Philly would come down to visit her and stay for days. In the end months, Beasley was getting tired, and started to refuse to go to dialysis. She held on as long as she could for her family. She was always worried about everyone else, even though she had serious health conditions. She loved when family and friends came over to visit and watch her shows with her. That seemed to always bring her spirits up. Everyone who knew her always said she had a smile on her face. Her contagious laugh would light up a room. She loved to joke around about everything. She will be greatly loved and missed by everyone who knew her. She will be missed by her loving family. Her husband of 31 years, Faron Stensland; her children and grandchildren; son Marty Greywater and his family Isis and Taylor Greywater; daughters Kayla (Rory) Littleghost and children Ryilee, Riah, Natalia, Raylene and Rory Littleghost; Elisa Greywater and her children D’Neilyah and Delemma Bull and D’Wayne Greywater; Crystal (Clay) Dubois Jr. and children Braylon, Clay III, Dayson, Kayson, Zane, Nakenya “Stella” and Mya Dubois; Jessica Stensland and sons Alexander and Justin Stensland; Wanda (Bryan) Randle and sons Carson Stensland and Jordan Robertson; Elton (Felicia) Graywater and children XXavier Lenior, Darnell, Elton Jr., Dylan and Harmony Greywater; Keith (Fallon) Greywater and children Mikayla “Booboo”, Kaiden, Keith Jr., and Kylon Greywater; Erica Greywater and children Briley, Braxton and Brinley Delorme; Felicia (CJ) Greywater and children Carleigh, Carlynn, Maylene, Carl III and Carlisle WalkingEagle; Sylvester Littlewind and children Keyson and Kaliyah Littlewind; Kellen Littlewind and sons Ashton and Aiden Littlewind; sisters Lisa (Merrill) Ironhawk-Greywater and Angela Corveau; in-laws Monty (Sandi) Stensland, Bob Stensland, Jon Stensland, David (Katie) Stensland, Paula (Jay) Deckert and Patty Stensland; nephews Cody “Mac”, Alexander IV, Dakota (Danica) and Nikolas Greywater, Landon (Phobee) Stensland, Jacen Deckert, Nicholas and Maximus Stensland; nieces Leandra (John) Haley, Darica and Ellison Deckert, Chaysie Stensland, Ashley, Alisa (Jake) and Dusty Greywater, Shanina Feather and Patricia Peltier; cousins Mary Lena, KJ (Alyssa) Greywater, Cody (Donna) Greywater, Kendell (Loudon) Smith, Gwendolyn and Rendina Lenoir, Derrick (Cheryl) Dauphinais, Rocklyn Dauphinais, Dusty (Melissa) Dauphinais, Janet Nelson, Denise Dauphinais Denny Greywater, Robbie Greywater, Wayne Black, Jim Graywater, Kim ThreeIrons, Mike Greywater Jr., Monica Phelps, Rhonda Greywater, Ritchie Greywater, Rick Dubois, JR Dubois, Sally Lena, Mary Lena and Daniel McKay. She was preceded in death by her parents; Alexander Greywater and Eunice Whiteman; brother Alex Greywater III; mother-in-law Loretta Stensland; graandsons Walkingwind Greywater, Kenyon Littlewind, aunts Delemma “Kunsi” Greywater, Pamela Greywater, Danyelle Littlewind, Alvina McKay and Loretta McKay; uncles Blakes McKay, Danny McKay, Eugene McKay, Eugene Dubois, Dallas Dubois and Darrel Dubois; cousins Donny Smith, Delvin Greywater, Neil Greywater, Laronna Lena, Bobby Allen Greywater and Troy Woods, Jr.; grandparents Mary Jane McKay, Elizabeth and Jerry Robertson and Alex Greywater Sr. Active Pallbearers will be Denny Greywater, Rick Dubois, Kellen Littlewind, Elton Greywater Jr., Cody Greywater, Ryilee Littleghost, Darwin ThreeIrons, Cody Graywater, Taylor Greywater, Devin Greywater, Landon Stensland, Jacen Deckert and Darnell Greywater. Honorary Pallbearers will be Colleen and Gary Thumb family, Tony and Deb LaVallie family, Lisa and Tim Kraft-Chaske family, Michelle Ironheart family, Margaret Ann Butts family, Leah Wanna family, Dr. Montaniel, Dr. Cheng, Dr. Duebers, Renae and Bimbo Lenoir family, Knute and Beverly Graywater family, Dean and Sonta Dauphinais family, Patsy Dubois family, Loretta Dubois family, Janice Dubois family, Rick and Melody Dubois family, Monty and Sandi Stensland family, Paula and Jay Deckert family, David and Katie Stensland family, Patty Stensland, Jon Stensland, Phyllis Herman family, Joe and Jackie ManyBears, Bob and Euretta McKay family, Sharon Larson family, Karen Charboneau family, Midge Chase, Jerry Jensen, Janifer Jensen, Scott and Tracy Chase family, Belinda Murphy, Lisa Peoples, Lea Killsplenty, Leona Schuster, BJ and Melissa Brady, Yvonne Thumb family, Richard and Lonna Street, Matt and Penny Friesen family, Bob Stensland, Gary Thumb Sr. family, Elvis Thumb family, Jose and Clarice Lawrence family, Paulie and Robin Lawrence, Damon and Valorie Brady family, Val and Ann Finley family, Sharene Adams family, Brandy Putnam family, Reba Mack family, Jani Adams, Leon and Leona LaRocque, Pat and Laurie LaRocque, Clint and Trudy LaRocque, Denise Jacobson, Craig and Punky Brown, Diane Goebel, Collette Byrum, David “Dobbs” Riggle, Adele Shaw, Andrea Peltier family, Todd and Sheila Belgarde, Eileen (Onna) Littleghost, Rhoda and Leon Pfiefer, Bob and Alfreda Charboneau, Clayton and Debbie Peltier, Heather Lawrence family, Wayne and Diane Randle, Blanche Wanna family, Dorothy Lambert, Tony and Vina McDonald, Russell and Francine McDonald, Kevin Mindt, Bruce Mindt, Lorraine Alberts, Alma GoodIron, Cheri Lawrence, Cowboy and Jeanette Lawrence family, Tanya and RJ Jetty family, Ann Wadsworth, Daryl and Kim ThreeIrons, Darwin and Destin ThreeIrons, Carolyn Walking Eagle, Ed and Nan Thumb, Nevada Haustad family, Cheryl McKay, Frank and Courtney BlackCloud, Lashanda WalkingEagle, Rhonda Greywater, Brenda Robertson, Barbara Robertson, Darren Kimmerly, Spring Meade, Patricia Peltier, Joyce Afeldt, Inez and Jerry Greene, Jerry and Nancy Robertson, Chip and Stephanie Anderson, Wayne Trottier Jr., Cheri and Lyle Schaffer, Rita Belgarde, Cecil and Carol Longie, Mary Beth Silk, Francis “Punchy” Halsey, Elaine Robertson, Johanna Hunt, Harriet Demarce, Arlene Krulish, Arlis Krulish, Clay Dubois Jr., Bryan Randle, Rory Littleghost, Dylan Luehring, Kirstie Syverson, Dr. Al-Marie Grace Logrono, Della Belgarde, Noelle Gourd, Tonya Johnson, the Anderson family, Devils Lake Dialysis, Grand Forks Altru Dialysis, Spirit Lake Ambulance, Beasley’s Pitches Team, Tribal Health Transportation. Excuse us if we forgot anyone it isn’t intentional as she had many friends. Music will be provided by Paula Deckert, Naomi Damschen, Brenda, Luann and Jody Slater, the Eagletail Drum Group and all Drum Groups are welcome to share their music in memory of Beasley