Devils Lake is continues to be picked and prodded. Here is the latest from the construction.

The Downtown Devils Lake Project is progressing and despite some rainy weather, for the most part, the project is right on track.

Many areas are being worked on, many areas are nearing completion and many areas have yet to be started. Phase One of the project is nearly completed and Phase Two was set to begin this week. 

Phase One involved the closure of three major intersections - the first was at Fourth Street and Railroad Ave., near Ramsey National Bank.  The second was at Fourth Avenue and Third, near McGarvey’s Archery Pro Shop. The third intersection closed was the one near the Presbyterian Church, at Fifth Street and Fifth Avenue.

The closures made driving through downtown a bit of a challenge, but you could still “get there from here” if you were creative and patient.

Now things are really going to get interesting.

Every two weeks there have been meetings with the contractors at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays to discuss how the project is going and what’s ahead. So far attendance at these meetings has been pretty light with most people saying they are pleased with the progress, so far, and happy that the workers clean up after themselves. They are working fast and efficiently. That’s what most people are saying about the progress so far.

This week there will be another of those progress meetings, although it has only been a week since the last one. They are meeting this week because next week they will be leaving for the Independence Day long weekend - a well earned long break.

Before they leave they hope to get as much of Phase One completed and Phase Two begun but they also want to leave the city able to have a nice Fourth of July parade, too.

The parade will happen just like it always has. Entries will meet at Prairie View Elementary School. It will process to Fourth Street (Main Street) and all the way to downtown. Once the parade reaches Third Avenue it will turn north and go up to Fifth Street, turn west, and the parade will end at Railroad Avenue. Entries will be able to get to the park for the Community Picnic and Concert by taking Railroad Avenue or finding their way to College Drive around the construction that’s happening on Sixth Street.

More information should be available on the entire project following the meeting Wednesday, June, 26, at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall.