The following individuals have declared their interest in serving on the Devils Lake Public School Board.

The following individuals have declared their interest in serving on the Devils Lake Public School Board to help the community know who’s running and to put a face with each name before the election, which will be held next week Tuesday, June 11.

Catherine Benton

Catherine Benton, one of the two female candidates for the Devils Lake School Board, has lived in Devils Lake for six years. Her husband works for the National Guard, and they have three children. Benton worked at CMS for a year and then went on to work at Prairie View for four years. The reason she wants to run is because she would like to make a difference in the community. She thinks it is important for the new member to have experience in the field. Benton says as someone who has taught in the district and knows the struggles, she knows what needs to be addressed and changed. She feels she has a very informed opinion on this issue and thinks that its a good thing for someone with that perspective to be elected.

Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider is a retired teacher of 35 years. He has taught in North Dakota, Colorado, and Nevada. Originally from Devils Lake he graduated from high schools in Devils Lake and went to Lake Region State College where he earned his A.A degree. He then went on to Minot State and earned a Bachelors of Science Degree. He earned his masters of education degree from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix Arizona. Schneiders purpose for running is to really make a difference in the school district as he knows it well. He thinks he has a good insight being from the area and teaching in Devils Lake Schools.

Britton Lagasse

Brittion Lagasse was born and raised in Devils Lake and has been part of the community for many years. Lagasse feels that the Devils Lake School System has given him many wonderful opportunities through his school years and would love to see them brought back and maintained. He believes things like the Lake Area Career and Tech Center at the High School is a very important part of the school district and would like that to be maintained. Lagasse also was part of the generation where standardized testing became part of curriculum and has a well informed opinion on how to handle issues that surround those. He wants to be involved more in the community and help to make the school district better.

Christine Cichos

Christine Cichos, the other female candidate for the school board, was born in raised in Devils Lake. Her and her husband have two sons and two grandchildren. She has an Associates of Arts degree and an Associates of Applied Science degree in Legal Assistance from Lake Region, she has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Business Administration from Mayville. Cichos has worked for Ramsey Country Social Services Unit for 18 years and volunteers at the Lake Region Community Shelter. She was also a tax aid for AARP. She's looking for a way to give back by being on the school board. She thinks that the schools are an important part of the community and with he background in business she thinks that it will be helpful with the technical side of things. Cichos is familiar with public funding which is beneficial because the school systems is publicly funded.

Travis Sainsbury

Travis Sainsbury is a Devils Lake resident who has went to school and college here. He has run a landscaping business for over 20 years and has experience working with customers and employees. Sainsbury feels qualified to be on the school board because he is a problem solver and wants to make everyones opinions heard. He doesn’t make his decisions without listening to what others have to say first. He thinks that its important that he is from the community and that his children have gone to school in this community, It gives him an inside on how the schools in this district are ran. Sainsbury just wants what is best for the schools and thinks that more people should get involved and care. He “likes to say there are 100 ways to solve a problem and there are no wrong ways you just have to find the one that works best for the situation.”


The annual School Board Election for the Devils Lake School District will be Tuesday, June 11 in the Memorial Building from 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.