Start with the stromboli.

 Start with the stromboli.

You won’t go wrong, or go away hungry, especially topped off with a cannoli for dessert.

“I get the cannoli directly from New York,” said Vinny Plava. “It’s the best—no matter what the Chicago guy at the paper says! We always argue about Chicago and New York pizza. The cannoli’s the only thing we don’t make here. Everything else is made and cooked here — dough, marinara — nothing is microwaved or bought.”

Vinny Plava comes from Brooklyn and was born in Montenegro. He and “Chef” Bona run Devils Lake’s Roma’s Italian Bistro, which opened two weeks ago in the building formerly known as Felix’s (for those who don’t know Felix’s, Roma’s Italian Bistro is in the Tudor on the north side of HWY 2, between HWYs 19 and 20).

Vinny owns pizza parlors and restaurants in New York, Texas, and Oklahoma. He was approached to come to Devils Lake and is here. “My grandfather was Sicilian,” said Vinny. “That’s where I learned to cook. I came to America not knowing any English, worked hard in New York and saved my money and opened my first restaurant. I still work hard.” It’s been crazy, Vinny said. Last weekend Roma’s was packed, so much that there was a waiting time. But that just means people love the food and the atmosphere. Roma’s has so much to offer on it’s menu: different fettucines, pasta dishes, egg plant parmigiano, manicotti, ziti, lasagna—oh, the mouth just waters!

Roma’s Italian Bistro is open 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, and closed Mondays. And don’t forget the cannoli.