The annual Fort Totten Days Powwow takes place this week in the Andrew Shaw, Sr., Arena at Fort Totten, ND. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

The annual Fort Totten Days Powwow takes place this week in the Andrew Shaw, Sr., Arena at Fort Totten, ND.

Admission is free and everyone is welcome. Whether this is a regular event you attend or the first time you’ve visited, this year’s Fort Totten Days will prove to be one of the best events of the summer. Bring a lawn chair and your camera and enjoy three days of music, dancing, culture and fun.

This year’s three-day event is hosted by the Spirit Lake Tribe and the Powwow Committee headed by President Jonah Jackson, Vice President Kyle Iron Lightning, Secretary Roanna Demarce, Treasurer Felicia Greywater. Others working on the committee are Michaela Smith, Sam Merrick, Sr., Marty Greywater, Merril Ironhawk, Darla Thiele and Sheila Blueshield. The committee and an army of volunteers make everything run smoothly and Fort Totten Days a success.

2018 Powwow: The Powwow begins Friday night at 7 p.m. with Grand Entry - a procession led by the Eagle Staff carried by a chief or an elder. The colors will be presented by Spirit Lake Nation’s honored veterans As the staff, color guard, dignitaries and dancers enter the arena, the host drum accompanies the procession and the audience stands out of respect. Grand Entries also take place Saturday at 1 and 7 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m.

Singing contest: The singing contest this year features purses of $12,000 for first place, $10,000 for second place, $8,000 for third, $6,000 for fourth and $3,000 for fifth place. The local drum split is $2,000 for the entire weekend. Head Drum Judge will be Sedrick Baker.

Specials: •4th Memorial - all men’s categories special - in loving memory of Wicanhpi Duta Hoksina (Dion Iceman, Sr.) and Wambdi Waha Chanka (Jordan Iceman) open to all men - categories 18 years and older. First place - $3,000 and star quilt and jacket Second place - $2,000 + star quilt and jacket Third place - $1,000 + star quilt and jacket 20 consolation winners each receiving $100 (Sponsored by Patricia (Denise) White and family. To be held on Saturday evening, July 28, 2018.

•Tiny Tot Special, Thank You Special by Tusweca Hill and family First: 14 Ft. Trampoline and $100 Second: Bike and $50 Third: Bike and $25 Consolation prize: Goodie bags for all participants

•Special Old Style Jingle Dress Contest Deidre Lyn Whiteman-Tate Wakan Wi First: $500 Second: $400 Third: $300 Fourth: $200 Two consolations - $50 each Sponsored by Cora and Quentin B. Whiteman, Jr., and families.

• 18+ Chicken Dance Special - sponsored by Darrell ThreeIrons and family •Old Style Jingle and Contemporary Special sponsored by Lonna Street and family

•Teen Boys Traditional Special sponsored by Jonah Jackson and family •Red Dress Jingle and Cloth Special sponsored by Darla Thiele and family

•Jr. Girls Jingle and Tiny Tots Special in honor of Kheana and Kerwin Charging sponsored by Chantel and Manny Charging family

•Womans Fancy Shawl Special in honor of Mariana Lewis sponsored by the Mardell Merrick Redfox family.

Dance Contest: Judged by Men’s Head Judge and Women’s Head Judge in each dance categories including the following: Men’s and Women’s* Golden Age (60+) First: $1,000 Second: $800 Third: $500 Fourth: $300 Senior Adults (40 - 59) Traditional, Grass, Fancy, Chicken and Jingle First: $1,000 Second: $800 Third: $500 Fourth: $300 Junior Adult Men’s and Women’s (18 - 39) Traditional, Grass, Fancy, Chicken and Jingle First: $1,000 Second: $800 Third: $500 Fourth $300 Teen Boys and Girls (age 12 - 17) Traditional, Grass, Fancy and Jingle First: $400 Second: $300 Third: $200 Fourth: $100 Junior Boys and Girls (aged 6 - 11) Traditional, Grass, Fancy and Jingle First: $200 Second: $100 Third: $75 Fourth: $50 Tiny Tots will be paid $5 per session.

•Fort Totten Days Events: Other events are included in the line-up for the weekend including the following: Horseshoe and Moccassin Games (Duane Jackson 701-230-2202) Fort Totten Days Parade - Saturday, July 20 at 10 a.m. Local Entries: First: $300 Second: $200 Third: $100 Special Diabetes Inyanke (Run) Sunday, July 29 at 8:30 a.m. - begins at Four Winds School. Spirit Lake Horse Races - Saturday at Noon on the Powwow Grounds - contact Kojak Thompson 701-381-9908 The Paul Yankton Jr., Memorial Softball Tournament will take place on the FWHS Diamonds, for more information contact Justin Yankton 701-351-4928 or Doug Yankton 701-381-2697.

Royalty: •Jr. Miss Spirit Lake Princess Zaeona Redfox, Jr. Girls Jingle Dress Special in honor of Zaeona’s outgoing Jr. Miss Spirit Lake Princess, ages 6 - 12 years old First: $300/gift Second: $200/gift Third: $100/gift •Mini Miss Spirit Lake Carleigh Walking Eagle “Wambdi Wakiyaja Wi” Jr. Girl’s Fancy Special in honor of Carleigh’s outgoing Mini Miss Spirit Lake Princess, ages 8 - 12 years old, First: $200 Second: $100 Third: $75 Sponsored by the Greywater and Walking Eagle families VFW Princess is Andrea Ducheneay and Miss Traveling Princess is Julia Tomohawk

The 2018 Fort Totten Days Powwow Headstaff: Emcees: Donny Spidahl and Howie Thompson Arena Director: Rusty Gillette Sound System: Hoka Sound C & T Tabulating Vendors

Numerous vendors will encircle the arena selling souvenirs, drinks, food, crafts and novelty items - be sure to check them out, as well. The 2018 Spirit Lake Powwow Committee will be hosting a feed on Saturday, July 28 at supper break. Everyone is welcome to come and eat! Note to all participants and guests, remember no alcohol, drugs or weapons are allowed on the powwow grounds. Security personnel will be on duty 24-hours a day throughout Fort Totten Days and on the powwow grounds.