Local area resident Brian Nelson recently got the phone call of a lifetime.

Local area resident Brian Nelson recently got the phone call of a lifetime.

Not recognizing the number, he almost ignored the call because he was driving. He answered the phone call anyway as he was only cruising the lazy streets of Tolna and thought he could handle the phone call and the traffic. Who would be on the other end of that call? None other than Danielle from the popular History Channel Program, American Pickers!

When Danielle identified herself to Brian, he exclaimed, “What? Let me pull over!” Brian, a huge fan of the show, had previously posted several photos of his collection on social media outlets that are followed by other antique enthusiasts and collectors.

At first he began receiving emails that seemed “canned and generic,” but then the correspondences became more personalized. “Then Danielle called and it all happened so fast!” They spent the entire day poking and picking, dealing and dickering all the while filming for a possible episode.

Brian has only been collecting for about nine years. If you ever watch the show, you will know that most of the collectors are older, even elderly and have been collecting their whole lives. Brian thinks he may be one of the youngest featured in the series. When the Pickers people were here they told Brian that the show isn’t just about the antiques and searching for that perfect treasure, the episodes are really about the people and their stories.

They also told him that the show airs in 48 countries worldwide. There will be plenty of excitement for Brian and his girlfriend, Rhonda in the weeks to come, and again once the episode airs. They plan on having friends and family over to watch it together.

So far a date of when it will be aired has not been mentioned. Brian was grateful the “Pickers” allowed him to share this exciting day with his family.