One of the hardest working people on the DLHS campus this time of year is Jason Wiberg, who coordinates the many tournaments and games that take place in the Devils Lake Sports Center.

One of the hardest working people on the DLHS campus this time of year is Jason Wiberg, who coordinates the many tournaments and games that take place in the Devils Lake Sports Center.

He’s working overtime these days with the District 7 Girl’s Basketball tourney, which ended Thursday last week and the District 7 Boy’s Basketball tourney which started the very next day on Feb. 23. That ended Monday night with the championship game. Then there’s the Region IV Boy’s Basketball tournament coming up in March, right around the corner. There’s not much time to rest these days for Wiberg or his staff.

At Monday’s school board meeting he gave the Program/Building report to help the members of the school board, Lee Ann Johnston, Steve Halldorson, Jeff Frith, Cory Meyer and Jason Hodous, learn about the school’s activities and the students who participate in them.

Wiberg started off his presentation reminding the school board of their philosophy: “The program of interscholastic activities is organized and conducted as an integral part of the total education program of the school. The objectives of the programs must conform in every respect to the general purpose of the school. Strong and healthy bodies, alert minds, a high sense of sportsmanship, enjoyment, and a love of teaching and coaching should be the outcome of the activities programs at the school.”

He emphasized that participating in activities is a privilege.

The school offers 12 different sports: •Football •Volleyball •Baseball •Softball •Dance •Skating •Wrestling •Track* •Hockey* •Basketball* •Cross Country* •Clay Target*

* Indicates for both girls and boys.

The school offers other activities, as well: •Speech •Orchestra •Band •Choir •Drama •Student Council •Student Congress •Spanish Club •Skills USA •Yearbook •Honor Society •TV Productions •Publications •JROTC •SADD •DECA •FBLA

Wiberg pointed out the benefits for students when they take part in activities, in fact, he said that during orientation for students coming over from the middle school, students are encouraged to be involved in something to help learn the following: •Leadership •Cooperation •Teamwork •Time Management •Communication Skills •Responsibility •Competition •Problem solving •Hidden talents •Set goals •Dealing with loss •Sportsmanship •Friendships •Work ethic

Fall activities: Wiberg pointed out that the participating numbers were pretty good for the Fall of 2017. For football there were 92 students participating, volleyball there were 83, cross country there were 28 boys and 24 girls for a total of 52 and for Student Congress, grades 9 - 12, there were 12 participating.

Winter activities: For the winter activities there were 32 students in wrestling, 16 in girls’ hockey, 32 in boys’ hockey (grades 9 -12), 67 in girls’ basketball, 73 in boys’ basketball, 31 in speech, 11 in dance (grades 9 - 12), 8 in skating and 22 in drama, although not all the plays have been cast yet. The increase in numbers for the school’s wrestling program have been the most dramatic of all with participation for year 2017, ‘18 double the number from 2015, ‘16.

Spring activities: The spring activities numbers aren’t in yet, although Monday, Feb. 26 was the first day of track, so he provided the numbers from last year. The numbers there, too, were pretty solid: •Softball 59 •Baseball 42 •Boys’ track 70 •Girls’ track 46 •Clay target 42 Most participation numbers have been improving the last few years, the Activities Director stated.

One of the things Wiberg is most proud of for all the school’s athletes is the Grade Point Average (GPA) of the teams. •Volleyball 3.81 •Girls’ Cross Country 3.86 •Boys’ Cross Country 3.55 •Football 3.19 •Student Congress 3.41 The North Dakota High School Activities Association requires a 3.20 to attain its Team Scholar Award. For winter 2016 - 2017 it was as follows: •Dance 3.73 •Girls’ Basketball 3.88 •Boys’ Basketball 3.24 •Boys’ Hockey 3.21 •Girls’ Hockey 3.39 •Wrestling 3.09 For spring 2017: •Drama 3.55 •Speech 3.40 •Orchestra 3.49 •Girls’ Track 3.51 •Boys’ Track 3.34 •Baseball 3.38 •Softball 3.54 •Band 3.48 •Vocal 3.44

The co-ops with other schools and this past year’s participation numbers: -Girls Hockey includes Minnewaukan (0), Langdon (0) and North Star (0) -Girls Softball, Minnewaukan (5) and Warwick (0) -Girls Track, Minnewaukan (2) -Cross Country, Lakota (0) Boys’ Co-ops: -Football, Minnewaukan (8) -Wrestling, Minnewaukan (8) and Lakota (2) -Boys Hockey, Minnewaukan (0), Lakota (1) North Star (2) and NewRockford Sheyenne (0) -Boys Track, Minnewaukan (10) -Baseball, Minnewaukan (0) -Cross Country, Lakota (1)

He concluded with the EDC Website for keeping up with changes in schedules, etc.

There are some continuing issues that Wiberg’s office deals with on a regular basis: •Finding coaches •Finding officials and/or umpires •Finding workers •Supervision •Parental issues •Chain of command