Representatives from Enbridge spent some time in Devils Lake this week.

Representatives from Enbridge spent some time in Devils Lake this week.

You might have noticed their marked vehicles around town or the big trailer parked near the Memorial Building earlier this week.

Community Relations for Enbridge, Katie Haarsager, visited the Lake Region Community Shelter Thursday afternoon to present a check for $8,500, a grant from Enbridge.
With this grant the shelter was able to replace old and out-of-date lighting throughout the shelter with up-to-date fixtures that use LED bulbs, which will result in cost savings for the shelter down the road.
Haarsager, whose office is in Minot, got a tour of the shelter and was impressed with what she saw.

This isn’t the first time Enbridge has helped the Devils Lake Community.
Haarsager told the Journal that earlier this year a grant from Enbridge for $11,000 helped pay for a new roof for the Hope Center next door to the Lake Region Community Shelter.

Kristen Nelsen, the Ramsey County Emergency Manager said that through the years she has appealed to Enbridge for grants to help with items needed through her office, as well.

Enbridge is a global energy infrastructure provider, according to the information available on the Internet.
Enbridge Inc., is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada although their offices are located throughout the U.S. and Canada. They transport, generate and distribute energy throughout North America.
Enbridge pipelines carry crude oil and natural gas from northwestern Canada to the US, one of those pipelines follows U.S. Highway 2 from west to east, right through the Devils Lake area.