More walk-offs from the Re-entry Center lead to prison sentences.

Jessica Cavanuagh, who walked away from the Re-entry Center last month, was sentenced to a year in prison after pleading guilty Friday.

Cavanaugh said that she was visiting her children and failed to return after a job search. She was originally sentenced after being found guilty of possession of drug paraphernalia.

Though her attorney, Coral Mahler, argued that she should get credit for time served, Judge Donovan Foughty disagreed, mentioning the large number of recent walk-aways from the Re-entry Center.

“I want them to know that you’re going to prison because you walked away,” Foughty said.

Also sentenced to a year in the Department of Corrections was Elmer White, who walked away from the facility on Aug. 1 of last year. White said during his hearing that he failed to return from a weekend pass because his pregnant wife was ill.

Foughty pointed out that White made no effort to contact law enforcement before handing out the year-long sentence.