Kari Agotness, who serves as the Ramsey County clerk of courts, was named state's attorney at Tuesday's County Commission meeting.

Kari Agotness, who serves as the Ramsey County clerk of courts, was named state’s attorney at Tuesday’s County Commission meeting.

The commission appeared impressed with Agotness’s interview, determining that she was the most qualified of the three candidates for the job.

Agotness ran for District I judge against Ramsey County state’s attorney Lonnie Olson, Benson County state’s attorney Jim Wang and Rolette County state’s attorney Ryan Thompson in November. Olson won that race, and now Agotness will replace him.

The commission had glowing reviews of Agotness following her interview.

“I think she would make an excellent state’s attorney,” commissioner Ed Brown said.

Commissioner Lucas Wakefield concurred.

“I thought she was very forward thinking,” Wakefield said.

Olson, who worked closely with Agotness during his time in the position, expressed that he believed she would perform well as state’s attorney while also pointing out that changes are coming that may make the job more difficult.

“I know she brings a lot of good experience to the table,” Olson said. “It’s going to be a lot more complicated with Marsy’s Law. There are a lot of logistics that are going to be involved with that.”

He also mentioned state budget cuts that will give judges and attorneys around the state fewer resources to work with.

It was reported during the meeting that Agotness brings eight years of experience to the job.

She studied law at UND and is a lifelong North Dakota resident.