The Ramsey County Commission addressed a number of items on the agenda at their Tuesday night including a request to allow residents to play Pickle Ball in the Memorial Building.

The Ramsey County Commission addressed a number of items on the agenda at their Tuesday night including a request to allow residents to play Pickle Ball in the Memorial Building.
The request was brought forward by Roger Gunderson, Maintenance Supervisor for the county, who had been approached by residents  returning from wintering elsewhere. He said that Pickle Ball is a popular way for seniors to keep fit. No information was provided about Pickle Ball or how it is played, but the commission voted to allow them to use the Memorial Building under the agreement with the city and the Devils Lake Park District.
Gunderson also discussed redoing the roof of the courthouse, replacing the concrete in a portion of the parking lot and work needed on the Old Sheriffs House Museum.

Other business
Steve Moe, IT/GIS Coordinator requested permission to update the GIS software and requested out of state travel to a conference in San Diego. He informed the commissioners of a presentation on Thursday at 2 p.m. in the Armory meeting room by a company that provides aerial photos to anyone interested.
Moe also informed the commissioners that the county’s new website is nearly finished and showed them some of its features on the wide screen viewer at the front of the commission chambers.

Commissioner Adam Leiphon reported that Attendant Care was working on a number of issues including how to compensate volunteers who are already county employees.

Kevin Fieldsend, County Roads Supervisor brought up graveling Ramsey County No. 10, the Crary road, work needed on the Ramsey Nelson county line and the quotes submitted for a new Ford Expedition (or similar vehicle). The commission voted to go with the State quote which was clearly the lowest submitted.                                                                                   Fieldsend’s report continued with a number of other items including contracts for summer maintenance from the townships. Three have come in, but they are still waiting to get the paperwork from other townships.

Valley Med Flight information was tabled until the next meeting, as was a discussion about cell phones.

A letter of transfer, billing for the West Dike Levee assessment and the construction and maintenance agreement were all approved.

The commission voted to purchase construction insurance for the Lake Region Search and Rescue building at $908.

Jeff Frith reminded the commission of the Comprehensive Plan meeting to be held in the basement at 7 p.m. Tuesday following the county commission meeting.

Visitor blames County Commission for actions of the LEC Board of Directors
Towards the end of the Ramsey County Commission meeting Tuesday evening, during the Visitors and Delegations portion of the agenda, Paul Deegan spoke to the commission.
He has come to these meetings since February making statements about how the Lake Region Law Enforcement is being run, presently, and asking questions about that and the circumstances surrounding wife Denny Deegan’s firing by the Law Enforcement Board of Directors in August of 2014.

He stated that he blamed them (the Ramsey County Commission) for his wife’s firing nearly two years ago and the turmoil that has brought to them.
Commission President Myrna Heisler explained to Deegan that all of the commissioners were informed that as long as pending litigation remained, “This board has been directed not to respond to Mr. Deegan’s comments - that’s all I can say.”

Second visitor
A second visitor had some questions for the commission that they were able to answer. His property is adjacent to property owned by the county.
Heisler informed him that because there had been a complaint from a neighbor, the commission had decided to be fair they would follow the FEMA guidelines for the property in question and not allow anyone to have access to it.