The Ramsey County Commission accepted the resignation of the Attendant Care Coordinator at their regular Tuesday meeting.

The Ramsey County Commission accepted the resignation of the Attendant Care Coordinator at their regular Tuesday meeting.
Cindy Halvorson had been the coordinator and Commissioner Adam Leiphon expressed his appreciation of that and noted her hard work getting Attendant Care up and running. Ramsey County Sheriff Steve Nelson reported that with help from Rhonda Allery at Lakes Social Services the coordinator’s position would be covered in the interim by a member of the Social Services staff who was interested, there would be no disruption of services.

Leiphon reported that this coming Thursday there would be a meeting to discuss Restorative Justice with the Devils Lake Public Schools administrators.
He said that the response to the program, thus far, has all been positive. He would have more to report following the up-coming meeting.

Restorative Justice is a program they are looking at  implementing in the city’s middle school that holds youth accountable for their actions but keeps them out of the legal system. It is a way to address behavior as young people are forming habits and lifestyles. Leiphon reported that a grant has been applied for that would fund a position at CMS to implement Restorative Justice and try to help youth stay out of the penal system wherever and whenever possible.

Commissioner Myrna Heisler, who was present via telephone, stated that this is an opportunity for all these entities - law enforcement, social services and the county - to work together to benefit the community.

Other business
Business owner Sarah Bergeron met with the commission to discuss the possibility of expanding her liquor license so she could serve adult beverages at special events, like wedding receptions, at Peterson Arena, for example.
She explained her present liquor license only extends to within the city limits, even for special events. She has been approached numerous times to provide beverages for special events out in the county but had to turn them down because her license doesn’t extend beyond the city limits.

The commission had done their homework on this issue and informed Bergeron that the township would have to be contacted and their input received, but if they approved of it, then she could apply for a county liquor license at $600 per year and then for each special event, like a wedding reception, etc., the fee for each special event within the county would be an additional $75.

County Auditor Elizabeth Fischer said she would send a letter to Creel Township to gain their input, then Bergeron would be notified and could come in and take care of the paperwork with the county once that was done. She was fine with that.

This sparked a brief discussion that other businesses with liquor licenses might be interested in obtaining a county license, as well, for similar purposes. The commissioners said that they would deal with each one that came in to apply on a case by case basis