As previously advertised we celebrated our amazing volunteers on Saturday evening.

As previously advertised we celebrated our amazing volunteers on Saturday evening.
Some seventy-five of them were served dinner by our board members and then some of them won some pretty nifty prizes playing bingo.
But, the highlight of the evening as far as honoring volunteers is when we presented Lifetime Membership plaques to two of our very long-standing volunteers Linda Bailey and Mark Sponaugle.
Mark began his tenure with Stone's Throw in 1983. He did take a short hiatus but during his years of participation he has directed, acted, produced, served in the dining room and served on the board of directors.
Mark tells me his specialty years ago was set-building and serving as prop master. He says he built some very interesting and complicated sets during his earlier years at the theatre. He also was in charge of preparing meals before they decided to hire a chef. I wonder if one might have led to the other.
Linda Bailey first got involved at Stone's Throw in 1984 when she auditioned for and got the lead in “Fiddler on the Roof.”
She says she was surprised to even get a part, let alone the role of Golda.
Then, like many of our volunteers after their introduction to Stone's Throw, she never left.
She, too, has served on the board, directed, did light and sound and much more.
The only thing she said she has never done is stage manage.
Linda didn't divulge this minor lapse in her contributions until after the honor of lifetime membership was bestowed upon her. Probably a wise decision, Linda.
It was a really fun evening, So, again, thanks to all of our amazing volunteers and congratulations to Mark and Linda for 30-plus years of service to Stone's Throw. By the time I have that many years in I'll be …. OMG …. as old as Betty Bell!
Thanks for reading.

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