Magic is always happening at our house.

Magic is always happening at our house.
Returning from his day job, I hear my husband David coming up the front stairs.
He arrives at my studio door with his hands behind his back. This is a sight I love to see, for hidden hands mean he’s bearing gifts.
I’ll get to guess what is in which hand, but first I need to pull myself away from the screen before me.
Lately David’s been arriving home in early evenings to find me with my head still stuck inside my computer, waving my techie wand, as I write the behind-the-scenes stories for the magic that’s artCentral all year through. Especially in this full-on-getting-ready springtime, when nature is bursting into new life around us, artCentral is vibrantly blooming, too — making plans for our magical artCamp, July 9-20, and a whole bunch more.
Our board of directors is in the midst of saying “good-bye” to two long-serving artist members: Helen Kunze and Brenda Sageng, both gifted painters. Each has made significant contributions to artCentral’s growth and vitality.
With tremendous appreciation we wish them well, as we send them on to their art-full adventures ahead.
New to our board are two practicing artists bringing individual business expertise along with their artistic orientations. Both are professional fine arts photographers.
You’ve probably seen Jane Ballard’s striking images on exhibit in Photo Spiva. She’s currently collaborating with me as we put together, COLORS of AUTUMN, the August-September exhibition at artCentral featuring the works of the Four State Photography Enthusiasts.
Jane and her husband, Bobby, own The Country Caboose Wedding Chapel and Railroad Museum on Prosperity Road in Joplin, where you can indulge your love of trains plus say marriage vows, if getting hitched is on your agenda. We’re delighted to have Jane “coming on board” with us!
Doug Osborn, a native Carthaginian, is taking his board seat, too. Working with Doug on our Carthage Art Walk committee has been a fascinating pleasure.
He’s definitely a can-do kind of guy, whether lining up bands for the Art Walk season or serving up his mom’s mouth-watering cookies on Art Walk nights.
After many years in industrial background, Doug’s encore career as a massage therapist finds him as the owner and a practitioner at The Palms Massage and Day Spa on the historic Carthage square. You’ll see lovely pieces of his stunning photography here. Welcome Doug!
Making magic with artCentral’s board of directors is one of the best perks of my job as director-curator. Their passions for art and artCentral and their hard-working dedication keep me inspired.
I send out my heartfelt “thank you” to Jackie Boyer, president; Pat Goff, treasurer; Betsy Flanigan, secretary; Lonnie Heckmaster; Lee Pound; Jane Van Den Berg; and Gail White.
You are simply the best as we do our dance together especially in this spring season of hyper-creating! You keep my heels and my keyboard clicking every day as I flow through our to-do list!
With the layout, copy and printing all done, the first quarter newsletter has gone out to members’ mailboxes and is available for pick up in area venues.
To great acclaim, our second show of the season, Josie Mai’s EAT ART exhibition is on the walls of Hyde House. Registrations are coming in for Josie’s Collage Workshop, $15, Saturday, April 14, 10:30-12, and her Cooking Class and Meal, $40, at noon Saturday, May 12.
Spaces are limited, so make your reservation today at (417) 358-4404 or
Plans for 2018 Carthage Art Walks are ramping up to begin with “Seasons of the Courthouse”, Friday, April 27.
Meanwhile I’m vigorously keyboard tap, tap, tapping and reaching out to our area supporters as I write grants requesting donated funds for artCentral’s eighteenth artCamp.
This magical two weeks encourages youth, ages 8-14, in the exploration of creative ideas; in experimentation with a variety of media and materials; and in experiencing the joy of self-expression in a safe, supportive environment free of criticism.
While artCamp exposes students to principals and methodologies of fine art modalities, the atmosphere is one of openness, creative possibility and the magic of fun, fun, fun.
This summer’s artCamp will be about finding magic in the Legends of artCentral like that of “The Little People” who reportedly have come from down-under.
They’re said to live in the well house behind Hyde House and come out at night to play croquet and walk their magical song line on the backyard lawn.
They’ll make excellent subjects for young creative imaginations playing in all kinds of media!
What medium of magic is David carrying? Fresh from the heart and home of our friend, Lora, in one hand he brings forth a potted orchid, the stem gracefully curved with a plethora of alabaster blooms—in the other a strand of tiny, delicate Moroccan lights.
Both will surely add to the magic already vibrating in our old house!