Is there rehab for this?

So we sold our house, finished another quarter of school, and went out to eat to celebrate it all. 

I recently went to Fargo with my mom and sisters for a girls day.  We went to a restaurant I haven't been to since I was in high school.  It was then that I realized I might be additcted to food.  I ordered a pizza.  I could have easily ordered an individual, but I ordered medium.  I told my mom and sisters it was so I could take some home.  But in all reality, I didn't want to miss out the taste.  This is where the addiction comes in.

If something taste good, I don't want to miss out on it.  Example: last night we went to Buffalo Wild Wings.  I wanted to get an appetizer because I love their Chili Con Queso, but I refrained.  I ordered eight boneless honey BBQ wings and was full after seven. But...I love their fries, so I had to eat some of my sons.  I also love pasta so I tried some of his mac & cheese.  Then he wanted dessert.  While knowing full well he wouldn't eat the whole thing, we ordered the chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream.  Let me tell you, it tasted amazing.  Did I need it, no.  I was full after my own meal, but I continued to eat.  This is why I think I may have an addiction to food. 

I need to find the will power to stop eating when I'm full and know that at some point, I will be able to eat the food I love again.  It's no the end of the world if I can't have something to eat, but it's forcing my brain to understand that.