The Devils Lake City Commission put the finishing touches on several ordinances that deal with pets within the city limits.

The Devils Lake City Commission put the finishing touches on several ordinances that deal with pets within the city limits.

City residents were encouraged to give input in the process and three did so at Monday’s meeting in City Hall.

It’s been a long road, since the work began as residents expressed their concerns, opinions and fears to a committee but what they came up with have been several city ordinances that address the issues for pet owners and their neighbors.

Monday’s were the final reading of the five ordinances and with a few minor adjustments, four of the five passed unanimously. The first ordinance, however, one that would require cats to be leashed, failed and the commission voted unanimously against it.

The remaining ordinances were each passed and will become the law as of August 1. They deal with animal care and treatment, number of allowable pets, penalties for animal control ordinances and animal defecation.

Other business

A bid opening for 2013 curb, gutter and sidewalk work in the city was postponed to the next meeting.

A 5:30 p.m. public hearing was held on a conditional use permit to construct a sub station in an area zoned as agricultural. The Planning and Zoning Commission had recommended approval of the permit, and the city followed suit. The power substation will be located adjacent to 17th St. SE.
Mayor Dick Johnson signed a proclamation of Arbor Day and a ceremony will be held at the Altru Clinic at 1 p.m. on May 24 to recognize Arbor Day.

A 26-item consent agenda was approved.

The Development Agreement with Walmart was discussed and approved as a few of the items contained in it were pointed out by the city engineer Mike Grafsgaard. He elaborated on Exhibit A and Exhibit C giving further information about the improvements to Highway 2 and 14th Ave. at the Walmart site and system improvements for the water and sewer extension to the area of town, as well. “It is an opportunity to repair a water break that happened quite a while ago,” Grafsgaard explained. “we will repair the water break and extend to the edge of the Walmart subdivision.”
“It is in essence a system improvement.”

During commission portfolios the council learned about five water breaks in the city’s drinking water pipelines, the need to replace a couple of city employees who recently resigned, a bad wire on the sanitary waste lift station, the cemetery is open again, now, and a grant available that would cover 75 percent of cost for a drug task force position for the police department.

Commissioner Tim Heisler asked about flood protection work beginning soon and the phases of remaining embankment work that needs to be completed. Fire Chief Jim Moe reported that they were concluding the firefighter training they’ve been conducting.

Six other items of new business were discussed; the first reading of Ordinance 914, agreements to purchase real estate for embankment raise, agreement to close a portion of highway 19 for Devils Run, materials for Highway 20 and an agreement with the NDDOT.