Ten years later, the US still lives with the Neo-con's lies.

Each day more information reveals the lies of the Neo-Cons to deceive the American People and Congress to go to war in Iraq.  

I well remember Colin Powell speaking to the UN about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and showing big closed trucks that he said contained moveable labs.  At the time I was teaching a class of bright seniors in Leeds.  I watched and listened carefullly.  I felt Powell did not believe the words coming out of his own mouth, but he was a good soldier, and followed orders.  I did not state my doubts, but asked the class what they thought.

Some critical thinkers did not believe General Powell.  But I was saddened by how easily some of those boys were persuaded, and how enthusiastic they were to go to war.  They did not think THEY would have to go.

Those who pushed for war, blamed the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11 on Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda.  It is now coming out that the Bush administration had been planning to attack Iraq prior to the destruction of the towers.  But they appealed to American pride and decency by framing their desire for war as "regime change,"  as giving "freedom to the Iraqi people", as a "moral duty."  Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attack and was not developing WMD!

Rumsfeld had served in the Navy.  Bush had disappeared from his National Guard Duty (AWOL?) Cheney had 5 or 6 deferrals during Nam.  Condoleeza had no risk of being assigned military service.  Wolfowitz never served.  Why is it that those who have never been shot at are so quick to send others into harm's way?

Bush was an "oil man."  Cheney was the owner of Halliburton.  Now we learn fron International Business Times that Halliburton profited by 39.5 Billion from the invitation of Iraq!  It is a good thing he got a heart transplant as he obviously needed one.

Congress was deceived to vote for this war.  Techniques such as using a respected spokesperson (Powell), appeal to patriotism, and calliing the aggression "Shock and Awe" convinced some in America and Europe this invasion was a good idea.  Now the truth is coming out, and it reveals the public was fooled by self-serving lies.

Voters need to do some critical thinking:  asking questons, analyzing, checking facts.  These self-serving liars would not get elected and misuse the power we give them, if we did not elect them.

There are many books that explain the true motives of the Neo-Cons.  This weekend, MSNBC is showing a special, "Hubris" at 8:00 PM CST.  Hubris is a fatal flaw, an innate characteristic that brings about the downfall of the person who has it.  Many characters in literature had it:  Macbeth, Oedipus, Gatsby, for example.  It might be very educational to learn how the US got into this mess and how over 4,400 American lives were lost and trillions of our tax dollars blownup so that a few could make obscene profits.  Just maybe we can learn and not be so gullible in the future.