Whatever the Weather

30 and Counting

          The thermometer hit 30 ABOVE in Devils Lake recently.  You would have thought the entire population of Ramsey County had won the lottery. The smiles on everyone’s faces were almost as bright as the sunshine that inched those temps upward.  Comment after comment of, “Isn’t the weather great!”, “Grand out there!”, “Decided to do some errands since it’s so nice outside!”  

          The effect the weather has on us and our activities here in the mid-west is deep and diverse.   On hot summer days, we hope the forecast will include rain for dry, drying up crops.   We also hope the rainstorm skirts around an outdoor wedding. We scan the horizon for a few more snowflakes to cushion the snowmobile trails.  Still our Christmas wish list includes “no snow during the holidays” so friends and family can safely gather.  Weather is not just a safe topic of conversation- it can be only topic of conversation.   Anything that pre-empts the cost of gas has to have a large fan club.  

          So to all the weather forecasters, to all the creators of computer software that generates possible weather scenarios, to the inventor of weather radar, to the designers of the brightly colored weather maps, we in the mid-west offer our heart-felt thanks for providing support to our weather habit.  We’ll send you a thank you card as soon as we check the updated weather report.