Pondering why women are falling for the Undead or monsters....

As I looked over a list of movies playing in Grand Forks I wondered What is Wrong with People?  Many of these movies have werewolves, vampires, witches, demons, evil spirits, aliens, zombies, and assorted fantastic "creatures."  WHY?  No such thing exists. 

I don't get what is going on---life and romance are complicated enough with flesh and blood humans.   "Loving" the "Undead"???  What is that about?  This phenomenon goes beyond movies that show "relationships" between humans and monsters.  Beauty and the Beast was a cartoon, but these dark films, thanks to modern film techniques and makeup, appear to be actual creatures.  And worse,  the Vampire fetish has young women swooning with desire.  Ooops---while I was still teaching I discovered my seniors had no idea what "swooning" means.  If a younger reader happens upon this blog, it means fainting or becoming dizzy with passion or desire."  Over a Vampire!  Give me a break!

I have not attended any of these films, and do not intend to waste time or money on them.  From reading the reviews of them it seems they are designed to get the heart racing, either from fear or from passion.

 One angle I notice is that "love" transforms a "dead" soul, or a "beast" into a prince or loving partner.  I guess that is an old, old story...a mistake many women have made and regretted believing.