Feeling better and getting ready for a day trip.

Sorry I have been negligent with the writing.   I have been fighting symptoms since New Years!    I have not been sick enough to 'skip' work, but I have slept through a few weekends and I've been through 3 big boxes of tissues and one bottle each of DayQuil and NyQuil.   My favorite weekend was when I did not get out of my pj's for 2 days.
 So finally I feel fine, with only a mild sniffle, and now my hubby is talking about his cold.
 Today we are going on a wild mystery tour, of sorts.    We are taking the kids to the Children's Museum of Minnesota.  How brave we are.    A 2 year old and a 3 year old that have been shut  up in the house for a month of cold weather out and set free.    Makes me think of what it was like to let the pony or the calves out of the barn on a frisky day. 
    If we survive, it will be back home in the early afternoon for a long nap.
    Our hardest decision of the spring is in the works.    What to do about health insurance when my husband becomes eligible for Medi....whatever.    Supplemental plans are a mystery to me.   Glad that he is retired and has hours and hours to do research.  I am thinking of all the money we will save when I go from family insurance to single, but now I am thinking it will all go to the supplementals.   
    My mother will be 97 in February.    I think I went for 30 years with talking to her on the phone once every 2 weeks.   We are now on the 7pm every night plan.   It is a miracle to have a Mom when I am 60, so just enjoying every conversation, which is nearly always the same.   What we had for dinner, the weather, and who she saw during the day.   I know that when she says, "talk to you tomorrow", there will be a day when that will not be.
    People say that people are living longer lives than they did 50 years ago.    I disagree.   Everyone that I know that is in their 90's was born before 1950.    Just sayin'.