I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  I’m sorry there was no blog Wednesday but I was really busy resting and wasn’t able to find time to get one done.  I thought about writing one though so that counts for something right? 

The final weekend of 2012 is a busy one in the sports world as most teams and sports head back into full action after a brief break for Christmas.  Blog writer take a brief break for Christmas too by the way.  I think it’s mandated by the NCAA.  Anyway, this is also the final weekend of regular season NFL games and both of Missouri’s NFL teams are playing teams who have major incentives to win.  The Kansas City Chiefs play the Broncos in Denver in a game that could vault the Broncos into the No. 1 seat for the AFC thus giving the Broncos home field advantage through the playoffs.  At the very least the Broncos could get a first round bye and not have to play next weekend.  Denver has every incentive to win and will be looking to do so against the Chiefs who quite frankly will do more for their future by losing than winning.  As screwed up as this season has been for the Cheifs it wouldn’t shock me at all if the Chiefs win thus ruining their chances at the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft. 

The St. Louis Rams are in Seattle to play the red hot Seahawks who only a few weeks ago looked near death and are now the hottest team in the NFL and in my opinion the most dangerous.  The Rams hold a victory over the Seahawks this year but that was a different Seahawks team.  The Rams are different too however and have been playing with much more confidence as of late so it could make for an interesting game.  I predice the Seahawks will prevail though. 

In college basketball we find the Missouri Tiger’s men’st basketball team in Los Angeles to play the UCLA Bruins late Friday evening.  The Bruins have not quite lived up to expectations this year while the Tigers in my mind have kind of exceeded them.  It could make for a very interesting ballgame and will be a good test for the Tigers who will be playing their first true road game of the year as all the other ones have taken place on neutral courts. 

Both Truman State Bulldogs basketball teams return to action this weekend with the men playing on Sunday and the women playing on Monday.  Both games are at Pershing Arena.  These will be the final non conference games for both teams before resuming their final season of MIAA play. 

Both Kirksville High School basketball teams are at NCMC in Trenton on Friday for games.  The girls have looked unbeatable thus far while the boys have been kind of up and down but are an improved team over last year’s squad. 

The KHS wrestling team doesn’t resume action until January 3. 

We have a big blog planned for Monday which will not only include a review of this weekend’s sports action and my final chance to talk about how bad the Chiefs are but we will also look at the major bowl games next week as most of the major bowls will be played starting late Tuesday morning and continuing until the national championchip game on January 7.  Yes, I know there have been bowl games going on for two weeks now but the Belk Bowl, Pizza Bowl, Potato Bowl, Beef O Brady Bowl, the Turnip Bowl, the Cucumber Bowl, and the Radish Bowl are not major bowls.  By the way, I made up some of those bowls but it’s up to the readers of this blog to figure out which ones.  The Kansas City Chiefs are playing in the Toilet Bowl by the way.  Please support the other blogs on this site written by people who would never admit they were too lazy to write a blog on Wednesday and thanks as always for supporting this blog whenever I bother to write one. 

Have a terrific weekend!