An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge is a short story by Ambrose Bierce. It’s a short story about set during the American Civil War where a Confederate sympathizer is sentenced to be hanged at Owl Creek Bridge. The rope breaks and he escapes resulting in a harrowing adventure to elude his captures and return home to his wife. I won’t spoil the ending but I will say that there is an element of “false reality” to it. It gives the story an element of sci-fi to it. I think that is probably why I gravitated toward it in high school. I read it way back then and to this day I still remember it well. Some years later when I went through my Twilight Zone phase I saw this presentation of it. Not one of Rod Sterling’s creation it was actually filmed in France and won a French film festival in 62. It’s a great piece of cinema and the link below goes to the full feature on youtube.