Painted rocks are still fun in the sun.

Rock hunting has become the new treasure hunt but with major community involvement. It mixes the hunting part with arts and crafts and anonymous gifting. Anyone can hide the rocks and anyone can find them at any public location. This makes for a great family fun adventure for any age.

There are two ways to start becoming a part of the movement. The first is as a hunter. This is great for any age and can start anywhere. Many parks, schools, and businesses have outside areas with rock beds, trees or other areas you might normally find a rock. This is where the treasure hunt begins. The idea is to look for already painted rocks that have been left my others as gifts for hunters. If you find a painted rock and it has a website or Facebook page then you can check in to let them know it has found and relocated. You can choose to re-hide there or at another public location. You may also choose to give hints when you check in online.

The other way to get started is by making rocks to hide. You may do this on your own, with friends, as a party, or in an art class. The local library in devil’s lake has held classes for painting rocks. The rock should be between two- and four inches across, making it easy to see but small enough for a child to hold. Rocks can be painted in any design you choose, though please keep them public appropriate. 

You should never put your person information on rocks, as you don’t know who might find them. If you would like to know when they are found and relocated then you should add info like the “Devil’s Lake Rocks” Facebook page where area people can check in. 

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when participating in Rock Hunting and Hiding. Rocks should never be place in environments where rocks don’t already exist. It is important for everyone that the game respects the playing field. 

National and state parks and well as anywhere with wild animals should not be used. Make sure the hiding place is public property and you or future hunters are allowed on the land. Parks and recreational areas work best as others know to look there. Only paint and markers should be used. When other things are attached to the rocks it makes it hard to insure that it won’t fall of and become litter or rust and become unsafe. 

When you hide a rock it becomes a gift for a random future hunter. You should not have any expectation of getting your specific rock back. Most importantly, HAVE FUN. This is a game that can be fun for any age. It can be done with friends or family and is free, other than the cost of paint. 

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