'It was a little nerve racking.' Coach Carla Freschette

The DL Firebirds (10-6) hosted the Fargo Shanley Deacons (12-4) on Tuesday, Sept. 26 in a thrilling match that could have went either way.

The Firebirds took the first two sets (25-21, 25-16) in close battles, in which, DL had momentum and stayed in control. The Deacons were able to make adjustments after the first two sets and momentum began to swing in the visiting team’s favor.

“I think that we just got a little ahead of ourselves,” DL Coach Carla Freschette said. “They’re a good team. They picked up a lot. They set up a block after the first two sets. We need to swing around it better. It was a good battle; a very good battle.”

Fargo Shanley won sets three and four by scores of 23-25 and 21-25 and although the Deacons had the momentum and confidence going into the fifth, the Firebirds got off to a good start.

“I told them to keep pushing and play only one ball at a time,” Freschette said. “We need to move forward, one point at a time.”

The Deacons were always in the set and rallied back to make it a close and exciting finish by bringing them within one point at the very end.

Firebirds player, Abby Johnson [1], served the final volley and the team managed to win by a score of 16-14. “It was a little nerve racking,” Freschette said. “I’m glad we finished the set. That is the kind of volleyball that we want to be playing. It’s good to have that kind of competition.

“We needed to trust our teammates again after that first downhill tumble. It really took us awhile to dig out of it. It took us two sets to dig out of it.

“All of them were close. No one got blown out of the water and that’s what makes it good volleyball.”

The Firebirds next game will be home against Turtle Mountain (0-14) on Thursday, Sept. 28 with C-squad starting at 4:30, JV at 5:45 and V at 7.