Several applicants have already shown interest in the position, which is open due to the departure of current director Angela Plummer, who has been at the job for a year.

Angela Plummer, director of the Lake Region Public Library since being hired last August, plans to leave the position after assisting in the search for her replacement.

Her husband’s new job with the Border Patrol in Texas prompted the move, though Plummer says she would stay in Devils Lake her entire career if she could.

“I adore this job, I would have happily retired here,” Plummer said. “My husband has a job in Texas, my family is in Texas, so it’s kind of difficult to be across the country from everybody I know.”

Plummer has lived in North Dakota for two years, originally relocating to Langdon from San Antonio, Texas. She said that the change was tough until she moved to Devils Lake a year ago.

“I had kind of a difficult transition to North Dakota,” she said. “We moved to Langdon originally, and I didn’t find it very welcoming, which is the reason we moved to Devils Lake.”

She says she noticed a real difference after moving to the city.

“Ever since coming to Devils Lake, everyone, especially the library board, has been so welcoming. I found a lot of friends and a lot of really caring people,” Plummer said.

Her number one priority before leaving is to help find a new library director. Plummer reports that “at least three” applications have come in this week, and all three candidates have Master of Library Science (MLS) degrees.

That’s important, according to Plummer, due to the complexities of running a library, though she also said that those with bachelor’s degrees in business or a related field would also be considered.

In fact, Plummer is finishing her MLS degree currently, and she detailed the expectations that come with a career as a librarian.

“A lot of people think a librarian’s work is really quiet and just playing with books all day,” she said. “It’s really not - there are social aspects, working with different groups and community members to get things done. Programming is a big deal. It takes a lot of organization, a lot of hard work and collaboration. There are really so many parts to it. There’s plenty that goes on behind the scenes,” she said.

One bit of programming the library sponsored, a craft class, really took off according to Plummer.

“One of the craft classes we did spawned a whole Facebook group for the painted rocks in Devils Lake. It looks like it was directly after we (held) our class, so I’m pretty thrilled that happened,” she said.

Other areas within the library director’s responsibility are managing the budget, representing at meetings, and promoting the library.

Plummer says she’s not only looking for someone who can handle those and a number of other tasks, but also shares her enthusiasm for the library science career path.

“It’s fun for me because I like learning all the time and that’s one of the primary goals of librarianship: lifelong learning and a dedication to knowledge,” she said.

Though she plans to find a similar job after moving back to Texas, she says the competition for positions will be more stiff in the heavily populated region.

Plummer took time to acknowledge everyone she’s met in the year she’s lived and worked in Devils Lake.

“I would very much like to thank everybody in Devils Lake that made me feel so welcome. It’s really been awesome, I wish I could stay longer.

“My heart is a little bit broken.”