A standout pitcher, Kory Boehmer was one of the driving forces in getting the Lake Region amateur league started in the 1990s.

Lake Region State College announced Tuesday, July 11, that Kory Boehmer will return as the head coach of LRSC women’s softball.

Head coach from 2013 to 2016, Boehmer stepped back during the 2016-1017 academic year after being asked to lead numerous academic initiatives at LRSC.   

“Kory had a big commitment to LRSC coordinating our faculty-driven assessment effort and HLC Quality Initiative,” Lloyd Halvorson, LRSC Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs commented. “Boehmer took these responsibilities while remaining as a full-time faculty member teaching science.”

Boehmer stayed involved with the team as an assistant coach and faculty advisor this past year.

“Kory built this program,” Halvorson said. “His heart is softball, yet he is always willing to serve the institution in the way he can be most beneficial.  Kory will continue to serve our academic initiatives, but other faculty will be asked to step up and lead the effort.”

Kory Boehmer will take over the vacant position due to the sudden dismissal of former head coach Ben Morris’s “consensual relationships that LRSC considers inappropriate.”

Lake Region State College’s fast pitch program has produced Mon-Dak and NJCAA Players of the Week and a finalist for North Dakota athlete of the year.

Boehmer has a long career with fast pitch softball. A standout pitcher, he was one of the driving forces to get the Lake Region amateur league started in the 1990s.