Ramsey County will be saving about $20,000 after BNSF decided to cover the cost of a warning signal at the railroad crossing at Hwy. 2 and 75th St near the Channel A site.

The Ramsey County Commission met Tuesday evening, and highway superintendent Kevin Fieldsend reported that BNSF agreed to cover the cost of a signal at the Hwy. 2 and 75th Ave. crossing in Grand Harbor.

The crossing was the site of two incidents between vehicles and trains in the past year. According to commissioner Jeff Frith, the layout of county roads in comparison to that section of track is a major cause of the issues.

“County roads are straight north and south, so you have kind of an angle that doesn’t match up,” Frith said earlier this year.

A crash happened late last year when an Amtrak train collided with a truck, injuring both occupants.

The City Commission discussed the installation of a similar signal apparatus at the intersection of College Dr. and 14th St. NW, though city officials did not discuss the cost of the signal. A similar signal is located a few blocks south on College Dr. near 10th St.

Commissioner Adam Leiphon brought up the issue of accountability at Tuesday’s meeting in light of the fallout from the city’s recent decision to suspend the two top officers at the police department.

Leiphon touched on formulating a policy regarding performance reviews of employees within the commission’s sphere of responsibility in order to “give cover” to the commission and provide worthwhile feedback to employees.

The policy would be developed “so little issues don’t become big issues,” according to commissioner Lucas Wakefield.

Commissioner Ed Brown mentioned the difficulties with hiring a human resources specialist on even a short-term basis.

“I think the budget this year is going to be the toughest budget we’ve had,” Brown said.