Traffic headaches and noise will accompany the project when it gets underway May 1.

City engineer Mike Grafsgaard reported at last night’s City Commission meeting that work on the west underpass near the corner of 6th St. and College Dr. will be delayed until May 1.

Grafsgaard described the process involved with the work at the west underpass, which will include installing a temporary bridge, replacing it with a permanent bridge, and improving the roadway itself.

The College Dr. and 6th St. NE intersection will also see improvements, including new signals and other efforts to ease traffic flow during peak driving hours.

The cost of the projects, which totals $16.7M - of which the city is responsible for roughly 10 percent - will be split between the 2017 budget and 2018 budget.

Some traffic headaches are likely in store for drivers, as Grafsgaard laid out plans to resurface adjoining roadways to accommodate detour traffic.

Another headache will be noise, as Grafsgaard said Monday that extensive pile driving will be required. That work is planned to take place between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m., though Grafsgaard said that those hours may need to be extended.