The show premieres in July

Valerie Sampson, Edmore, music director, Terri Mertens and Peter Foss, both from Devils Lake, co-directors, held try outs Saturday, April 15 for the Fort Totten Little Theater production The Addams Family, the musical.

By 1 p.m. they had seen 15 individuals audition, 13 women and two men. According to Mertens they have seven or eight of the 10 principals they need and five or six of the 10 supporting roles, she calls “ancestors.”

Two or three principal roles and possibly five supporting roles are yet to be cast. Specifically they are still looking for someone to play Lurch, it’s a non-speaking role - all he does is make low, GRRRRR sounds and Lucas who is Wednesday’s boyfriend, he needs to be about 18 to 25 years of age.

Anyone interested in helping either on stage or off is welcome to get involved, call Mertens at 701-317-5018.