Saturday morning's forum was sponsored by the Ramsey County Farm Bureau.

Topics discussed at Saturday’s legislative forum at Pizza Ranch in Devils Lake included healthcare concerns and funding, behavioral health needs, drain tile issues, setbacks for rural water, licensing for healthcare professionals, Department of Corrections issues, medical marijuana, taxes, Medicare, higher education, the Legacy Fund, pipelines, trespassing laws, a new agency known as “Environmental Quality,” highway funding, fracking, wind energy bills and other concerns.

Representative Dennis Johnson, standing, responds to a constituent's question at Saturday morning's forum, which was sponsored by the Ramsey County Farm Bureau. Seated are, from left, Sen. Joan Heckaman, Sen. Dave Oehlke, Rep. Greg Westlind, Rep. Chuck Damschen and Rep. Marvin Nelson.  

Each legislator spoke for a few minutes about the bills they are keeping an eye on as the legislature goes into crossover where bills passed in the Senate go to the House and vice versa for their vote. This, too, is often where bills that didn’t pass can find new life and support as the other chamber takes a look at them and makes its changes and recommendations.