The owner of Thirsty's says that an employee working at her bar witnessed an incident early Tuesday morning involving an assault and a handgun and says that it all happened outside.

Sarah Bergeron, who owns Thirsty's bar and restaurant in downtown Devils Lake, told the Journal Tuesday that an incident involving an assault and a handgun that was reported in today's paper happened outside of the bar rather than inside as was reported in an earlier story.

The original story was about an incident that Devils Lake police say started at about 1:57 a.m. Tuesday morning. In the Journal report, an assault happened outside and led to an incident inside the bar involving a man threatening a group of people with a handgun.

However, Bergeron says that an employee working at the time witnessed the incident and says that it all took place in front of the bar.

The employee told the Journal that a customer went outside to smoke a cigarette when he was apparently assaulted by the man that was eventually arrested by police. When the customer's friends joined him outside and confronted the assailant, he "grabbed a gun and waved it at them."

She also confirmed that the man pointed a gun at the chest of at least one person in the group as was reported earlier.

The Journal has left a message with police officials and will confirm the details as soon as they are made available.