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  • The Talker: Never trust a #NoFilter humblebragger

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    A new study from social marketing firm Spreadfast concludes that, of photos posted to Instragram with the tag “#NoFilter,” 11 percent actually did use a filter. Mostly the Amaro filter. If you can’t trust a compulsive Instagram selfie-taker to tell the truth, then who can you?
    Trending on Twitter
    The U.S. lost its World Cup game yesterday, but goalie Tim Howard impressed the Internet. He’s saving the Titanic, Bambi’s mom and Janet Jackson’s, uh … modesty, with #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave taking over Twitter.
    Hot Video: Good effort, Iron Mike
    Former boxer (and “Hangover” actor) Mike Tyson did his best to fire up the U.S. World Cup team with this recorded pep talk. The short version: He’s down on the Belgians and on officials.

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