Special to the Journal
This past Saturday night Aug. 16th was a $500 TO WIN Wissota Midwest Modified Special at the Devils Lake Speedway. Teams came from far and wide to run and gun. A CAUTION LADEN 30 LAP Feature was a test of endurance.

Special to the Journal This past Saturday night Aug. 16th was a $500 TO WIN Wissota Midwest Modified Special at the Devils Lake Speedway. Teams came from far and wide to run and gun.

A CAUTION LADEN 30 LAP Feature was a test of endurance. The Point leader coming into tonights main event was the A & R Motorsports 77R Ryan Schroeder out of Devils Lake, followed closely by Hamel Racings #22 Rick Hamel out of Lakota, ND. After tonight's intense event, flip that around and our new point leader is #22 Rick Hamel.

The track welcomed back a fantastic regular line-up, with an added bonus of the 1TPO of Tyler Peterson out of Hickson, ND; the 71 of Brennon Weight from LaMoure, ND; along with the #34 of Jordan Zillmer from Gackle, ND; and the 22K of Randy Kollman from Fargo. With 30 LAPS on the board the GREEN FLAG flew and the Envision, D&B Motors, Schill Construction #17 of Lance Schill out of Langdon, ND, who lined up on the outside front row, blasted off like a rocket.

Schill slid into 1st and did not relinquish the lead for the ENTIRE 30 laps, despite caution after caution. The 77R-Ryan Schroeder flew fast from a 6th place start into 2nd place by the 2nd lap under green. But tonight was not to be "the night" for Schroeder.

In lap 6, while attempting to get under the 17 of Schill, Schroeder blew a tire and suffered some front end damage. Schroeder tried to return after a tire change but couldn't mechanically make it. The field was locked tight in a battle. It was any man's shot in the top 5 with constant position changes between the Lakota Boys-the #22 Rick Hamel and the #32 Eric Haugland. Haugland held 2nd all but 12 laps of the 30.

The 3L of Logan Salazar out of Neche, ND added to the mix sliding in and out of positions in the top 5 throughout the race. When the checkered flag flew the field of 19, had 13 machines cross the finish line, with Schill winning his 8th Feature of this season statewide. And it left us with a new point leader. Now leading by 16 points at the track the #22 of Rick Hamel took 3rd and the 77R of Schroeder, with a DNF tonight, is now 2nd.

They have only 1 top 5 finish between them in the points chase. Here is the Feature Finish rundown: Wissota Midwest Mods: 1. 17 Lance Schill, Langdon 2. 32 Eric Haugland, Lakota 3. 22 Rick Hamel, Lakota 4. 3L Logan Salazar, Neche, ND 5. 22K Randy Kollman, Fargo 6. 111 Jason Halverson, Devils Lake 7. 4H Grant Hall, Brandon, MB Canada 8. 26 Rick Blaine, Brandon, MB Canada 9. 71 Brennon Weight, LaMoure 10. 44 Austin Hunter, Winnipeg, MB Canada 11. 14 Patrick Rethemeier, Manville 12. 8 Jason Schuh, Lakota 13. 87 Chris Kruk, Langdon DNF's included: B4-Tim Berg, Grand Forks; 96-Jeremy Lizakowski, Grafton; 77R-Ryan Schroeder, Devils Lake; 1TPO-Tyler Peterson, Hickson; and 34-Jordan Zillmer, Gackle.

In Wissota Street Stock action the street stock MAFIA invaded the Devils Lake Speedway and the star running 2nd in National Points ran away with a feature win. The #10 of Justin Vogel out of Brooten, MN is currently 2nd in National points, and the current track points leader in Ada, Montevideo, Alexandria Minnesota. The points race at the Devils Lake Speedway is close with only one "regular night" of racing left before the labor day weekend track and points championship double header.

Thanks to the 10R of Travis Robertson out of Moorehead, MN the Mafia made an appearance. Robertson is currently running 2nd in points at Devils Lake Speedway. A total of 16 Streets were locked and loaded and stacked up just right heading into their feature, and 10 out of 16 crossed the finish line. The Wissota Streets finished as follows: 1. 10V Justin Vogel, Brooten, MN 2. 5P Ryan Pommerer, Oriska, ND 3. 10R Travis Robertson, Moorehead, MN 4. 12 Jim Geringer, Harwood, ND 5. 7 James Meagher, Grand Forks 6. 3 Steven Richards, Finley 7. 29 Dan Mcnamee, Arvilla 8. C4 Cliff Reeves, Oberon 9. 57 Tony Bundy, Edinberg 10. 24T Tiffany Noreikis, Warren, MN DNF's included: 96 Brent Loftsgard, Grafton; 67 Ryan Satter, Dent, MN; 18B Adam Burrows, West Fargo; 71G Trent Grager, Carrington; 45 Michael Logelin, Minot; and 33 Dan Aberle, Finley.

Pure Stock Feature: 1. 12 Jaden Varnson, Lakota 2. 45 Carter Tuenge, Rugby 3. 21J Brian Johanson, Edmore 4. 47 Derrall Meyers, Hampton 5. R15 Chazz Reeves, Devils Lake 6. 555 Brandon Thomas, Edmore 7. 43 Dan Arends, Devils Lake 8. 344 Chris Harris, Bottineau 9. 7J Josh Worrall, Devils Lake 10. 29 Clyde Myers, Alsen 11. 17 Casey Vargason, Edinberg DNF's: #4 Stoney Kruk, Langdon, #12 Darrin Thomas, Devils Lake, #12T Terry Huso, McVille

Circle Track Trucks: 1. 9 Jason Rethemeier, Larimore 2. 850 Colton Laber, Carrington 3. 14 Tina Person, Devils Lake 4. 97 Presten Swanson, Devils Lake 5. 71 Eric Jose, Grand Forks #54 Justin Myers-Devils Lake

DNS Hornets:

1. 88R Ryan Twedt, Lakota 2. B52 Michael Bischoff, Devils Lake 3. 21B Lane Bachmeier, Devils Lake 4. 3 David Blilie, Devils Lake 5. 26 Shaylie Skjervem, Brocket 6. 15M Derek Melcer, Devils Lake 7. 23 Randy Thompson, Lakota 8. 12 Don Wood, Minot